Computer does not start after touching motherboard

  Anthony Ch 16:00 10 Mar 2019

Hi, So today I was taking some measurements inside my computer case cause I want to change my GPU. I did the mistake of keeping the computer on while doing it. I accidentally touched the motherboard with the metal piece of the measuring tape. At this time, the computer started to ventilate at max speed and nothing was on screen. I stopped the power supply and tried to restart the computer. The same now happens when I start the computer: it starts, ventilation is at max speed, but nothing appears on screen. How can I solve this? Any help on what I did and how to fix would be appreciated. Thanks Best regards Anthony

  wee eddie 16:57 10 Mar 2019

You shorted out the parts the ruler touched. A new MOBO is,very likely, the only solution

  Anthony Ch 10:25 11 Mar 2019

HI, Thanks for your help and advice. "do a complete systems check , run a full error check for corrupted data on all hard drives" : How do I do that?

I am also looking for a new motherboard to replace this one. I have a gigabyte B85M-DS3H rev 2.0 with 2 x 8Go DDR3 ram and an intel i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501MHz, 4 core. Unfortunately, they don't seem to sell this anymore. What else can I buy that would be compatible with my components?

Thanks Best regards, Anthony

  rickf 12:06 11 Mar 2019

Just make sure it's compatible with your CPU. Best to look for one that is both compatible and take a higher spec cpu. This way you have room for upgrading the cpu when you need to. Personally, I would go for one that takes i7 but this would mean you have to buy an i7 cpu too.

  Anthony Ch 12:45 11 Mar 2019

Thanks. And for the complete system check? How do I do? Best regards Anthony

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