Computer does not always boot, black screen.

  jewellui 00:25 23 Sep 2014

I have started having problems booting up my computer, the screen stays off. I have to unplug my computer and press the off button but this does not always work sometimes it takes a few tries. Could there be a problem with my RAM?

  wee eddie 11:21 23 Sep 2014

Firstly: Don't unplug your PC, you could cause irreparable damage.

Use the Reset button.

This happens to my old plodder (8yo) every now and again, but not that often. By pure chance it happened this morning. My guess is that, for some reason, the Hard Drive did not start, but to be honest I have no idea.

What I have done: I have no real intention of buying a replacement but I have started saving.

I have set in hand a Backup System. I upgraded it from XP to W7 18 months ago and that has a Backup Facility built in. I bought a WD 'My Passport' and backup every Sunday Night. I also installed Nero 'Backitup' which I use to backup my .pst File and Accounts, every day.

With luck, if everything goes tits up, I shall be able to resume normal service, within about 10 days, by using a Mates PC to order a replacement, on-Line.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 23 Sep 2014

Make? Model? age? Operating system?

If od they possibly first symptoms of a failing PSU.

  jewellui 04:05 24 Sep 2014

Sorry I meant I turn it off first before I unplug it and press it on while unplugged.

Make/model of the PSU? It is about 5 years old, windows 7.

I had the same problem with another computer which is about 8 years old but it seems to have sorted it self out somehow.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:57 24 Sep 2014

OK its windows 7 but what make and model of PC?

the screen stays off can you hear the fans runnig or Hdrive running?

  jewellui 03:50 25 Sep 2014

I have cleaned it a few times in the past, its not too bad right now.

I checked its actually just over 3 years old. My computer is from overclockers, this is pretty much my computer click here except I have changed the hard drives and upgraded the ram since.

The screens goes to standby mode and I can hear fans running, I never hear the hard drives generally so I'm not sure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:19 25 Sep 2014

If you feel competent enough then try removing and refitting the Graphics card.

Also a bad monitor cable could be the problem after that i would suggest a PSU change

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