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  Bravo2Red 10:42 16 Aug 2007


Hi, My name is Daniel and i have been saving up all year and I have only got £300.00. So I have been looking all over the net and the best one I have found is this web address*. There is another problem, I am not computer savy… so I wondered if some here could customize it for me (sheepish grin). I posted this earlier and I forgot to respond and nobody checks the second page (well, I don't).
I would like to spend more but being thirteen means you don't really get that much money.
I would like the most high-end computer i can get for around £300.

*Thanks Dan - Please :)

PS. If the wonderful person who kindly did this please paste the tech specs on this post. TY
*click here

  recap 13:46 16 Aug 2007

The first question Daniel is what will you be using the PC for? This is important as to what spec PC you may require.

You may be better off looking click here

The link you posted, the systems on there don't seem to have an Operating System as standard or a Monitor, so this will put the price up further than your £300.

I am sure other members can direct you to other sites where OS and monitor are as standard.

  wee eddie 14:48 16 Aug 2007

Do you have any bits left over from older systems.

Not having to buy a Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard and Mouse could save you a fortune. Also you may be able to scrounge a Floppy, CD or DVD drive from someone else's old PC.

As Recap has said the OS can be quite expensive. You could download Linux to the PC you are on at the present and use that.

Unfortunately £300 in not a lot for a full System but with a little creative scrounging you might get a pretty good system.

Think about your Mates. Have you got one who is always upgrading. He will have loads of goodies hanging about.

  spuds 15:23 16 Aug 2007

For a complete new system with a warranty, you may find that £399.00 is about the starting price. Check out some of PC World's special offers, that might provide the answer.

  ambra4 17:59 16 Aug 2007


Look at this company site and the item listed below it will help you look at other ways to keep the cost down

Never used them so you will have to get your dad to check them out before any payment is made

If you looking for a complete computer with monitor and OS at £300, the cheapest would be around £400-£500

By buying the hardware separate it would work out cheaper than a complete package

The Ultimate Budget AMD Base Unit £198.58 (inc vat)
click here

Relisys VC172 17inch CRT Monitor £56.99 (inc vat)
click here

56K V92 PCI Modem £5.86
click here

Creative SBS 260 Speakers Black £9.95 (inc vat)
click here

Trust Keyboard KB-1120 UK £3.08 (inc vat)
click here

Trust Optical Mouse USB AMI 250S £3.20 (inc vat)
click here

Cost would be around £270.00 for the hardware; you will have to add the Shipping charges make sure all parts are shipped as one item, or you could end up paying multi-shipping charges

System do not include a Operation System (I am sure your dad will pay for Windows XP)

Free Anti-Virus Software, Word Document Program Open Office, Spyware, and any other free software can be downloaded from the Internet.

Good Luck on getting your computer and if you need help I am sure that the Guys on the forum would gladly help

  umbongo(uk) 20:26 16 Aug 2007

right dan ive built up 3 diffrent computers and ill post later on (got to pop out)
they range from barebone ie just tower no lcd or gfx card, only onboard meaning a cheap crt should do you until you save up for an lcd and gfx card
one with gfx card no lcd and last but not least one with lcd but using onboard gfx highest price is £350.00 range and using an x2 4000amd proccessor n a gig of ram plus they are built by the shop/company and the price includes shipping

  umbongo(uk) 21:23 16 Aug 2007

ok here goes

first system no lcd or pci-e grfxcard onboard only
click here
pick up a cheap crt and your away n upgrade bits later on

next with lcd no gfx card
again you could buy a gfx card later

no lcd but gfx card so games will play better
click here

note add £53.02 for a copy of windows vista home OEM
this is cheaper as you are buying parts and the store will install it for you when they build the system

also get yer dad to read their build policy/terms/warranty
the end price includes shipping

hope this helps in your decision
remember others will post with other companys and ideas keep checking back

  DWANE PYPE 21:51 16 Aug 2007

When in our local Asda last week they had a Mesh PC for £350 (complete), it had good specs,if you have an Asda near you have look in, or give them a ring.


  Bravo2Red 22:44 16 Aug 2007


All i want is a Base unit, i have got mouse, screen, Keyboard and OS. All I would like is a base unit.

  umbongo(uk) 22:55 16 Aug 2007

check out my pics and deduct what you dont want
this will bring it in well under the £300 mark

  Bravo2Red 23:04 16 Aug 2007

I would like a computer that has some decent stuff with it though.

Everyone - Thanks for all your help

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