Computer cutting off when opening Photoshop.

  Linda Beaman 12:14 28 Mar 2019

I am a manager of a small business that specialises in digital marketing. For the business to function properly we need access to Photoshop, located on only one of our computer systems. When opening Photoshop on this computer it shuts off.

  Mark Jackson 12:28 28 Mar 2019

Hello Linda, I have experienced a problem similar to this myself. The system shutting off suggests to me that the problem is hardware related and internal otherwise (usually) only the app would close. I think the problem maybe that the computer being used for Photoshop is overheating due to the excessive load on the system. Usually when a computer is overheating it will impair its capabilities and therefore not allow you to open photoshop. I would recommend opening up the computer checking for any obstructions to the airflow of the computer (e.g. cables, dust, loose components), typically dust build-up will be the main cause of overheating. Whilst the computer is opened up you may as well take the opportunity to reapply thermal paste to the processor. Hope this helps.

  Linda Beaman 14:30 28 Mar 2019

Thank you, Mark, for a quick response to this forum. I will acquire someone to attempt what you have suggested.

  compumac 19:37 28 Mar 2019

Odd two new posters in quick succession, what comes next?

  wee eddie 21:06 28 Mar 2019

It's the latest way to land some spam. The Spammers build up a trusty profile before dropping their payload

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