Computer cuts out/restarts when cd drive in use (sometimes!).

  MushGGGGG 17:30 02 Jan 2015

Hi there,

My problem is that about 10% of the time when I'm ripping CDs or installing from DVDs, my computer will cut out completely, and restart.

When it restarts, before the BIOS screen, I get a screen that says that a power surge was detected, and the computer was shut down automatically to protect it. I believe this is a feature of my motherboard (Asus Z-97k). I went into BIOS settings and turned this feature off, thinking that perhaps it was simply too sensitive. However, the computer still cuts out and restarts - the only difference is that I no longer get the pre-bios message about surges being detected.

The computer is relatively new (only about 3 months old), and was custom built by a local pc shop with the following (relevant) parts:

Motherboard: ASUS z97-k PSU: Powercool Smart UPS 650VA CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 3.40GHz GPU: Asus GTX 750Ti RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR3 CD Drive: Liteon 24x SATA DVDRW X12 RAM

The computer is connected to a relatively high-end power strip which is supposed to have power conditioning and anti-surge protection built in, so I'm not convinced that it's a problem with my electrical supply to the computer.

I guess it could be the PSU or the CD Drive itself shorting out. But if it was the PSU, shouldn't I expect this to happens all the time, and not just when CD drive is in use? And if it was the CD drive, why does it only happen with about 10% (or less) of the CDs/DVDs I put in it.


Thanks, G

  northumbria61 10:52 03 Jan 2015

The computer is relatively new (only about 3 months old), and was custom built by a local pc shop with the following (relevant) parts:

My first port of call would be to ask at the local PC shop that built it for you. It may be just a loose connection.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:54 03 Jan 2015

At three month old take it back before messing any further.

  MushGGGGG 23:59 03 Jan 2015

I know that option is available to me, but to be honest, I need the computer for work reasons pretty much continuously at the moment, so I can't really take it in to the place for them to book it in and spend a few days trying to fix it.

I was hoping you guys would help me troubleshoot to see if it's an issue I can fix easily and quickly myself to avoid having to take it back to the shop.

  BillSers 03:09 04 Jan 2015

It might be worth opening the case (earth yourself) and check for loose cables.

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