Computer cuts out for no reason - runs WinXP

  Raywood 14:50 29 Jun 2005

I have recently found that my computer a laptop, based on the Clevo D400s, keeps cutting out. The computer power goes off. This can happen at any time. I have checked my battery and have found this event even happens when I am connected to mains power. What seems even more bizzare is that two of my friends are experiencing the same problem, but with different desktop builds.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  Rodman 14:59 29 Jun 2005

Do you run a anti-spyware prog? If not try down-loading a good one 'Ad-AwareSE' or 'Spy-Bot S&D' both are free.

If you can use a working machine to get to them. Then install and run them. There is a bad spyware program doing the rounds at the moment, that has that effect, it may also stop you from connecting to spyware removal sites.


  ctm04 16:24 29 Jun 2005

Funny you should say that, I am also running XP on a desktop and my computer has been playing up, that is shutting down for no reason. I have checked and run all the scans on my computer and it has come up clean, the only thing I can think of is the heat, maybe it is a safety feature? I know several other people experiencing the same problems. Perhaps this is a coincidence, but maybe it's these soaring teperatures we've had. I now close it down if I go out, instead of running it all day long.

  rawprawn 16:33 29 Jun 2005

Have a look in Admin Tools / Event Viewer / System check properties in the error showing.

  Raywood 23:00 29 Jun 2005

I don't tend to run my computer all day it could be the heat. I just thought that with a Pentium 4 at its heart, the computer would have been designed with heat removal in mind.

I get no reports of any spyware or viruses or any problems in the event viewer, just a slap on the wrist for not using the proper proceedure for shutting down.

  Raywood 14:33 06 Jul 2005

Today I think I have a clue as to why my laptop seemed to cut out without warning. My AC adaptor started making crackling noises and giving off a bad odour. So I think its dead, or at least I'm not willing to use it any more.

My question is: Is it likely that after 1 year and 10 months of use, an AC adaptor should fail like it has? It is annoying because 2.6GHz of Pentium 4 makes short work of the 90-100 min battery life.

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