Computer crashing : words looking 3d!!

  Edwinsprint 14:20 12 Mar 2006

After having to get a new motherboard (Optroni)with new memory (516) installed (£250) I have had my computer back for a day and it is crashing.

Sometimes it is usable for over 30 mins sometimes it crashes within 2 mins. It seems to crash quicker when I am on the internet, especially when I am opening a window eg cricket scorecard on BBC Sport website.

When it crashes everything freezes and the letters and pictures seem to go like when you watch or read 3d stuff without the 3d glasses on. Sometimes thin pink lines appear down the screen??? Once the screen turned itself off. Ctrl alt del wont help and it needs to be rebooted.

Is this the monitor or the new hardware being faulty???

I am using XP Pro with Z Alarm.

I would be really grateful for any support!!!!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:28 12 Mar 2006

Sounds like a driver conflict on your graphics card.

Belarc click here will tell you exactly whats fitted, download the latest driver.

  Edwinsprint 17:45 12 Mar 2006

Okay. Thats seems to make sense.

Belarc says


ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 [Display adapter]
COMPAQ V75 [Monitor] (15.7"vis, s/n 847CF24AH429, November 1998)

Does this mean I need to download the latest driver for ATI Radeon Xpress 200????

What is a driver conflict. Does that mean that the driver is too old for the new stuff?

Thanks Ed

  User-312386 17:10 13 Mar 2006

Did you carry out a clean install with XP or did you just put the HDD in with XP already loaded from your old MOBO?

  griffon 56 14:16 17 Mar 2006

Endorse what madboy said. Have you referred back to your mobo supplier for advice. There's another system analyser at click here which I think is marginally better than Belarc because it posts memory problems if it finds them, and there's an 'Issues' analyser in click here which lists conflicts and allows you to eliminate them.

If your Radeon 200 drivers were already loaded on the hard drive you attached to the new mobo there ought not to be a conflict there, but if there are old mobo and peripheral drivers on the hard drive there might well be conflicts with the new mobo and memory.

Finally, can you confirm that your mobo supplier fitted the memory correctly, and did he fit the mobo as well, or did you do it. If he did it your problem might well come under the Sale of Goods Act, fitness for purpose, and, in any case, if paid work was done by such a supplier it automatically has a guarantee attached under Common Law whether he denies it or not. It might be worthwhile to put the ball back in his court.

You might also post this on the Consumerwatch Forum here. The best of luck.

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