Computer crashing

  JoJoh 12:10 01 Jul 2004

Hi - I have a Compaq Presario running Win 2000. This is continually "locking". I have replaced the power supply and this had made no difference.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? As an option,I tried to change the hard drive onto a Dell Machine but it did not run.

As a final alternative I could copy all of the programmes etc onto another machine. However, this machine where I would copy to runs win 98 whilst the other runs win 2000. Also I would need to use one of those Norton Ghost type copy programmes as the computer was set up by someone who is no longer around and it has special "switch" type programmes for running 2 printers in a retail shop.

Can anyone help?

Kind regards,


  stlucia 12:34 01 Jul 2004

A bit more info would be useful -- how long does it run before it locks? what are you actually doing when it locks (on dial-up internet, printing, scanning)? Is there a message on the screen when it does so? Does Ctrl-Alt-Del do anything when it's locked?

  JoJoh 12:58 01 Jul 2004

Hi Stlucia

When it "locks" we can't use anthing,keyboard mouse etc. It locks at all different times.



  stlucia 13:20 01 Jul 2004

Does the screen go blank when it locks, or does whatever was displaying at the time just freeze?

So far as transferring your HDD to another PC is concerned, that should be okay so far as data is concerned, but you would probably have to install any software you need to read/manipulate the data onto the other machine from scratch if its not already installed there (i.e. using installation disks), because of its different operating system. I don't think that Norton Ghost or anything similar would help with this.

  wee eddie 20:57 01 Jul 2004

of all those files you value

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