Computer Crashes When Trying To Burn Discs

  User-7818DD9B-D021-4E39-A5827E24C36453DE 17:32 26 Sep 2008

I had a power failure recently while computer was on. Now I find when I try to burn a disc my computer crashes ? Will be grateful for any help on resolving this problem.

  version8 17:35 26 Sep 2008

What software are you using?

Hi Version8
I was just using windows media player, I tried last night again and as soon as I put a blank disc in the drive the computer crashed, I hadn't even the chance to get anything lined up to burn ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 26 Sep 2008

Go into device manager uninstall the drive, reboot the machine, let windows reinstall the drives.

Just checked something and its puzzling me, aaccording to properties, all drives ie burner, rom, and usb drives are all showing as if they are full.yet it says used space is 0 bytes ?

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