Computer Crashes - Randomly and Won't Boot

  blooda 21:27 27 Jun 2007


I'll try to give as much info as possible.

My Computer crashes randomly, sometimes just after start-up sometimes it will last for ages.

I then get the Blue screen with the following error codes:-


Mother board is Gigabyte KV8VT800-RT FC
CPU is AMD 64BIT SEMPRON 3300 S754
Graphics is Asus 9250 series ati 128mb

The only way to reboot the machine successfully seems to be to switch of all power, disconnect the 20pin power to MB and reconnect.

Today I was going through the bios and found in P.C. health check

+3.3v fail

I then left it on for about 5 mins and this changed to OK.

The problems seemed to start after power cut or surge during a storm.

Problem is not Mouse/Keyboard/Memory these have been replaced during the last few weeks in attempts to find the problem.

Thanks in anticipation


  ambra4 22:13 27 Jun 2007

It look like you have a intermittently power supply

replace power supply unit

  blooda 22:17 27 Jun 2007

Thanks for the quick reply.

Will purchase one at the weekend and report back.



  birdface 22:26 27 Jun 2007

Googled. click here

  mrwoowoo 00:37 28 Jun 2007

Had same sort of prob with boys pc,so changed psu but to no avail.All this after checking memory/graphics card e.t.c.As i had a spare mainboard, i decided to replace this and also reformat at the same time and now all works fine.
In coclusion,not sure if it was the o.s or the board,but my guess would be the board.As yours was after a power cut or storm,if the psu change don't work then i would change the board,bearing in mind you should be prepared to reformat when doing this.

  mrwoowoo 00:48 28 Jun 2007

been thinking.the surge could have knocked your bios for six,so you could check this out or set it to default if not too sure.Also you could try reinstalling the motherboard drivers via it's cd if you have one.
You never know,it might save a few bob.

  umbongo(uk) 12:43 28 Jun 2007

read butemans link

if you ever get an error code write it down then put it in google it will find almost all of them
that goes for trojans missing .dll files
google ifs your friend us him/her

  Seth Haniel 14:27 28 Jun 2007

+3.3v fail
could be on its way out

  mrwoowoo 18:35 28 Jun 2007

the only google i can find explains that the 3.3v power supply has failed but the 5v has not.
too heavy going for me,but seth may be right with the battery option. since they are cheap, might be worth a go.
click here

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