Computer crashes linked to wrong hard disk size re

  xania 13:44 05 Oct 2003

Following on from my earlier posting click here, I have now replaced the power supply but without solving the problems. Also, I'm getting a report that Norton believes the extended partition has a problem. Having accepted the offer of a repair, only to lose most of the drives in the extended partition, I have now:

1. used FDISK /MBR in the hope that this might clear any soft table problems on the hard disk
2. then used FDISK to delete all partitions
3. then used FDISK to install clean partitions
4. then completely reinstalled Windows 98SE only using Partition Magic to copy the C:\ drive to the end of the hard disk prior to instaslling all the drivers,

to find that, having installed Norton, it now reports that 'An extended partition has invalid parameters and is probably inaccessible'. I have also run Norton System Information to find that the 40 GB HD is being reported as only having 9.47 GB (although I can see all 40GB in both Windows and Partition Magic).

I seem to remember a previous posting about a similar problem but can't find it, so my question is....where do I go from here? The hard disk is an IBM Deskstar and, just to add to my problems, when I opened the box to check the details I noticed that the fan on the chipset (not the one on the CPU) on the AK73 Pro Motherboard is still sticking (could this be causing any damage). How can I get Norton, and hopefully then the entire system, to permanently see the full hard disk, so that either that solves the crashing problem, or at least I can move on to the next stage in getting the PC to work again.

NB When I first installed Windows, all seemed fine, but then I was only looking at the first 4GB of the Hard disk. Problems started when, having installed the sound and video cards, we moved on to install the serial zip drive.

Sorry this is such a long story, and thank you for taking the time to read it. I've gone quite a distance now in trying to crack this one, but I'm now completely out of my depth.

  xania 16:54 05 Oct 2003

One more thing. I have tried testing the hard dsik using Drive Fitness Test (a Utility specially for this make of HD) - but this came up with No errors.

  xania 09:40 07 Oct 2003


  xania 08:55 08 Oct 2003


  [DELETED] 10:02 08 Oct 2003

"I can see all 40GB in both Windows and Partition Magic"

Doesn't this lead you to the conclusion that it's Norton that is in error? - it does me.

  xania 16:41 08 Oct 2003

I would agree if it weren't for all the other problems I have experienced. I'm just wondering if Norton is looking at a lower level where problems are arising. Certainly, I have never come across a similar situation before, and this after a completely clean wipeout of the hard disk.

  [DELETED] 20:23 08 Oct 2003

Since you are doing a complete clean setup from scratch - I would ignore Norton (in fact personally I would never touch it with a bargepole - and in this case I would reformat your system and not put it on) - and just get on with setting your system up.

Then if there are still problems to be sorted, you (and us if you wish) can tackle them as they arise.

If you want to do a complete clean of your drive, to the very basic level, before you start, go to the manufacturers web site and look for the "zero-fill" utility. Sometmes they (wrongly) call it a "low-level format" - sometimes it's in with other utility programs. If you need to, let us know the make of your drive, and someone will point you to the correct utility.

  Bris 20:36 08 Oct 2003

What does your BIOS say is the size of the HDD? Also wonder why you are using FDISK when you have a copy of Partition Magic. I assume that you are not aware that you can run Partition Magic from a set of rescue discs (the way I always run it)outside of the OS. You can create these two floppies from Partition Magic the first of which is bootable. Reboot your PC with the first floppy in the drive then put the second one in when it asks for it. You will then have a fully functioning copy of PM loaded which is just missing the pretty GUI and running under DR DOS.
Only other comment is that if the OS and PM sees it as 40Gb and you are able to access files beyond 9.47Gb then ignore Norton (have you checked their website)?
I recently installed a 180Gb HDD and found that the max that the bios would go was 134Gb, PM would also not report more than 134Gb
My manual for PM said it wouldnt support anything higher than 80Gb (V7), my motherboard manufactures site stated that my motherboard wouldnt support more than 160Gb and yet XP reported a full 178Gb.So who do you believe?
Hope this helps.

  xania 21:10 08 Oct 2003

Diesse - I might well try that low-level format as a last resort. Norton primarily for virus scanning, but, knowing the PC is sick, this report of Norton's does make sense.

Bris. BIOS confirms 40 Gb, but there has been a run of problems on this PC over the last 2 months and we have gone back to basics to try to solved them without success. Fdisk was used because I was concerned in case PM had caused a problem - I'm a regular user of PM (have been for many years) but who knows!!!

Anyhow, both. Thanks for your comments. I'm going to try the PC with a spare HD next to see if htat solves the other problems.

  woodchip 21:21 08 Oct 2003

You say that you have loaded windows at the end of the drive .ie. "using Partition Magic to copy the C:\ drive to the end of the hard disk prior to installing all the driver" What do you mean by that? for me this is the problem not Norton, Windows should go at the beginning of the drive not the end

  woodchip 21:25 08 Oct 2003

PS why do you not do a Standard Install after creating partitions. In other words load windows to C: on the first Primary partition

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