Computer crashes everytime I run a game

  ajedge456 13:51 23 Oct 2018

My computer will run perfectly fine without issues, but when I launch a game such as CS:GO or Rust, the game will load to the menu screen then crash as soon as I load into the actual playable game. Is this an issue with my GPU? Thanks

  MJS WARLORD 14:14 23 Oct 2018

what is the spec of your pc and do you use steam client

  ajedge456 14:18 23 Oct 2018

Yes, I do use Steam Client Here are my specs:

CPU: i5 4690k @ 3.5GHz

RAM: 16GB DDR3 @932MHz

Motherboard: ASUSTeK Z97-K 1150

GPU: AMD Radeon R9380

  wee eddie 14:36 23 Oct 2018

How old is your PC and which version of CS:GO and Rust are you trying to load?

  MJS WARLORD 16:55 23 Oct 2018

right click on the steam game name / properties and look for verify game cache

  ajedge456 18:32 23 Oct 2018

My PC is about 3 years old now - no parts have been changed since I got it, and I'm running the newest versions of Rust and CS

  wee eddie 20:27 23 Oct 2018

Your PC was pretty Mid-Range when it came out, lots of RAM, but the CPU & GPU were not cutting edge, when they went on sale in 2014.

I think that that may be the problem

  ajedge456 21:17 23 Oct 2018

Would you suggest that I replace both the CPU and GPU or can I replace just the GPU?

  MJS WARLORD 22:38 23 Oct 2018

don't be offended ajedge but I think you would be better off replacing what you have , I faced the same dilemma as you , a slow pc and the need for a better g card and that's where your problems really start. Your mobo might not support a better cpu ram or g card so upgrades can be a money pit. when ever I get a new pc I use the older one as a spare for downloading stuff and testing so that my new one don't get anything dodgey on it , if it don't work on the spare pc I don't put it on a new one.

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