Computer Crashes

  Kat440 12:03 24 Jan 2007

Am at my wits end with the computer as ever since i had it (july06) it keeps crashing all the time(just switches off and reboots) as to why i do not know, has been back for repair/testing 4 times and each and every time they are saying its software that is causing the problem and this last time all i put on is the internet, skype and my webcam but have had the computer running without skype and the webcam on a previous occasion and still it has crashed so am not able to narrow it down to a particular software??????? When the computer rebbots back up it the error reports are saying thats it hardware and gives 4 options but nothing for certain as it not sure??????? HELLLLPPPP please if anyone can or any advice would be a great help.

  johndrew 12:33 24 Jan 2007

There could be a whole load of reasons for this.

Is the PC still under warranty?

Do you have Everest home click here installed? This will give an indication of PC temperatures and fan speeds and may help diagnose the problem.

What exactly do the `error reports` say and what options do they give?

Are there any unusual noises?

Does it always shutdown after the same/similar period of time or when you are using the same software or doing the same job?

Have you carried out a scan with good anti-malware tools? What anti-malware tools have you installed and are they up to date?

  leedaz 12:35 24 Jan 2007

This won't solve your problem, but might give some more info as to what is going on.

I'll presume you have XP (You don't state).

Right-click 'My Computer' on the desktop, and select properties. In the 'System Properties' window that opens, choose Advanced tab. Click startup and recovery 'settings' button near the bottom.
Remove the tick from the box 'Automatically Restart' in the 'System Failure' section in the lower half.
In future your system won't reboot itself on an error, but should give you more info, which either Microsoft or another IT Pro, can use to help solve the problem.
Hope this is of some use.

  Kat440 12:44 24 Jan 2007

I have windows xp home(oops for not sayin!!!) The options it gives wen crashing is cpu, ram, power supply and summay else which i have forgotten!! but its suggesting that there could be a problem with 1 of these the crashing is not at any specific time as wen the comp is just sitting there not being used(internet) signed out it can crash or wen browsing the internet or woteva nothing specific to link it too(not much help im afraid). I'm presuming wen it was taken in for testing that they would have checked the temp of the fans?? it only bleeps wen it crashes as the screen goes black then boots it self up again. Do not have any anti-malware products installed(i think!!) as have an norton package which came with bt broadband.

  Kat440 12:47 24 Jan 2007

will be back in 5 mins as am going to plug in the blasted thing(as using the other pc at the minute as obviously the other is useless!!)

  Kat440 13:27 24 Jan 2007

Have windows defender and have run that and comes up with nothing as is saying all software running ok and unchecked the restart automatically which leedaz suggested

  Kat440 16:59 24 Jan 2007

Also with this computer as well as the crashing is that programmes keep closing and the report says "apologies this programme has had to close due to an inconvenience" patience is really being tested and any help would really really be appreciated, if you need to know anymore information i will gladly help. Thx.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 24 Jan 2007

Also with this computer as well as the crashing is that programmes keep closing and the report says "apologies this programme has had to close due to an inconvenience

Corrupted system fies or failing hard drive.

Try this first.

Repair XP by replacing corrupt files

sfc /scannow

in the run box, press enter and let system file checker find and replace missing / corrupt file in windows and explorer.This will take awhile to complete and you may be asked for the CD to be in the drive if windows is not preinstalled on the hard drive.

sfc /scannow problems
click here

  johndrew 15:02 25 Jan 2007

Further to your e-mail.

I am not techie enough to know what the error codes mean but I will post them below in case anyone else has any ideas.

error code0000009c, Parameter 1 00000000, Parameter 2 f78b0050, Parameter 3 b2000000, Parameter 4 1040080f

The only thing I could find that resembles it is click here

  Terry Brown 15:14 25 Jan 2007

Do you have the computer & monitor in an enclosed area, as if it is, the heat from these cannot escape, it will be drawn back into the box, therefore causing the system to overheat & crash (even when idle).
i.e. The fans will just draw in hot air instead of fresh air.
This could why the repairer could not find the fault

  johndrew 15:15 25 Jan 2007

What sort of PC is this, laptop/desktop and what make?

Also have you looked in `Device Manager` (Right click `My Computer` > `Properties` > `Hardware` > `Device Manager`) and checked down the items for any with a question mark or other mark against them?

There are some indications in the information on the websites I looked at that this could be memory, driver or IRQ (the identifier for hardware) related but again I am not certain.

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