Computer crashed while installing NTL broadband

  keith-236785 12:03 25 Apr 2004


a friend who i built a system for recently has just signed up for and had installed NTL braodband.

When he put the cd in and tried to set up BB, it got to the "what is your mothers maiden name" bit, then just froze.

on restarting the pc, Nothing, no picture on screen, power to system as hard drives are spinning up, power to monitor but monitor is not coming back out of standby.

it is an ASUS A7V8X-MX , AMD 2600XP, 256 333mhz DDR mem.

anyone any ideas or had the same thing happen?

i have to go and try to sort it out tonight so any help would be appreciated.



  keith-236785 13:21 25 Apr 2004


  mgmcc 13:36 25 Apr 2004

Operating system?

If it is XP, I would try booting to "Safe Mode" and running System Restore from there. Press F8 repeatedly immediately on powering on and until the Boot Menu appears. Select "Safe Mode" and press Enter.

If that won't boot, select instead the option to load the Last Known Good Configuration.

  keith-236785 13:45 25 Apr 2004

Sorry, no its windows 98SE

office 97 pro

as i said though, the computer isnt coming back out of standby, so we have no menu on-screen, in fact we dont know if its even getting through the POST properly as we cant see.

untill we can get a picture, there doesnt seem to be much i can suggest.

I am taking a graphic card, old HD, old CDrom, anyone think what else i might need?

  pj123 13:53 25 Apr 2004

Yes, a monitor. I had someone ring me yesterday saying that his monitor has suddenly gone blank. I lent him another monitor (which he collected) and I haven't heard anything yet so I assume all is OK now.

  mgmcc 13:54 25 Apr 2004

You could still try booting to Safe Mode and try to delete any of the NTL stuff that's been installed.

Also, you could try loading an earlier version of the registry. F8 again on powering up, select to boot to Command Prompt Only and at the prompt, type:

scanreg /restore

and press Enter. This will give you the option to load an earlier copy of the Win98 registry.

  pj123 14:31 25 Apr 2004

mgmcc. Not a lot of good if the monitor isn't working?

  mgmcc 15:28 25 Apr 2004


<<Not a lot of good if the monitor isn't working?>>

The original post indicated that during the installation of software the computer froze and hasn't recovered from that situation. This suggests that the problem isn't a monitor fault, but the monitor receiving no signal from a malfunctioning computer.

While not impossible, it would be rather a coincidence if the monitor failed at the precise moment that the software was installed. Of course, the graphics card may have been damaged.

  pj123 15:45 25 Apr 2004

mgmcc. Sorry, that wasn't what I meant. If there is nothing showing on the monitor now how do they know where they are (in the boot up process) when pressing F8 to get to the menu? He/she did ask "what else should I take" and I suggested a monitor. If another monitor comes up blank then yes, I agree it is a computer problem. But until something shows up on the monitor it will be a case of "trial and error" by checking/changing things in the computer. Another option is to try the monitor on a known working computer.

  keith-236785 15:47 25 Apr 2004

update, another monitor has now been tried, still nothing, though he says it seems more responsive (should add at this point that he knows nothing about computers whatsoever) , i am going tonight to see what has happened.

if still no go i will try to log on to here via my laptop while i am there.

  pj123 16:15 25 Apr 2004

What does "more responsive" mean. Does he get anything on the monitor at all? When you get there try plugging his monitor into your laptop. If it works then it is definitely something in the computer. Check all the connections inside the computer. Take the memory out and re-install it again. It doesn't seem feasible to me that a software package can stop a monitor from working.

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