Computer crashed for no reason????

  golfpro 06:26 02 May 2005

Well that’s not strictly true, I mean there must have been a reason but I’m dammed if I know what. I was sitting listening to a radio broadcast on Real Player and not doing any other work, when it just crashed, nothing worked mouse, keyboard, nothing I had to reboot from the on/off button on the PC, now its going OK. Anybody got any ideas why this would suddenly happen, and any checks I can do to see if things are as they should be?? OS XP Home.

  Derek 07:52 02 May 2005

If it happened just the once then forget it.
Come back if it does it again and note what the screen says and does during the reboot and report it to this forum.

  jack 08:31 02 May 2005

Perhaps it was something some one said on the Radio! ;-))
If by what you say, you were listening to an on line broadcast- then it is almost certainly something that came down the line with broadcast.

May be a good idea to run an offline cleaner like Stinger click here just in case.

  golfpro 17:43 02 May 2005

Not too sure what I'm supposed to do with Stinger after reading the web info. I don't want a Radar detector for my PC as I never drive it above the speed limit anyway, and the police very rarely hang around outside my door with radar detectors. And besides I was only listening to BBC radio two, not exactly a criminal offence :-).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 02 May 2005

Th corrct link for stinger is click here

Antivirus on line checks:-
Panda click here
Trend Online Check click here
symantec click here

But if it has only happened once then forget it (coud have been something like a power fluctation in the mains)

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