Computer Crashed after Install MS AntiSpyware

  buddiebuoy 18:01 03 Oct 2005

I have just installed the above this morning and my machine has crashed three times> Is there any known problems with this software.
I am running XP Home SP2, AVG Version 7.0, XP Firewall. I have Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad-aware SE Personal installed, but neither have been active at the time of crash.

  Jackcoms 18:54 03 Oct 2005

MS AntiSpyware is still in beta.

As with any other Beta you pays your money (as it were) and takes your choice.

Having said that, I and many, many other members of these Forums use it without problem.

  buddiebuoy 19:18 03 Oct 2005

Sorry, I'm not sure what 'beta' means except for beta testing. Could you explain please?

  bremner 19:20 03 Oct 2005

This is not a full production version - it is still in development.

I have installed MSAS on tens of machines and have never had an issue with it. Are you sure this is what is causing the crash.

What error messages do you get?

  woodchip 19:21 03 Oct 2005

I had this on my XP desktop. I have never loaded it since

  buddiebuoy 19:25 03 Oct 2005

No, I'm not sure that's what caused the crash. It's the only thing I've installed recently (this morning)and the computer was fine up until then.
I got the blue screen up with:-


and then the blurb about newly installed hardware or software start in safe mode etc;

  VoG II 20:07 03 Oct 2005

click here and scroll down.

  buddiebuoy 20:22 03 Oct 2005

Thanks VoG, that gives a Windows 2000 - will XP be similar?

  GaT7 20:50 03 Oct 2005

buddiebuoy, did you try uninstalling MS Antispyware to see if you still get the BSOD error?

[BSOD = Blue Screen of Death]

woodchip, didn't one of the MSAS version update installs make you lose a partition or similar? G

  buddiebuoy 22:32 03 Oct 2005


no not yet. I'm waiting for it again to get the full error message as the computer restarts when its about 5 seconds into the memory dump.

  VoG II 22:35 03 Oct 2005

Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under Startup & Recovery click Settings. Under
System Failure untick the box in front of Automatically restart.

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