computer crashed

  tazmenia 13:27 22 Aug 2003

i am writing for my brother, when he tries to turn on his computer he is getting a black screen with this message....

windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
please reinstall a copy of the above file.

he cannot do anything because it just stays like that, he has also tried wiping the computer but it doesnt go past the warning.

he is on xp home and ie 6

thanks in advance for any help

  jazzypop 13:40 22 Aug 2003
  tazmenia 14:14 22 Aug 2003

he can do the run, msconfig because he cant get to that screen. it is stuck on the first page of windows setup

i forgot to say that the busy light is on solid all the time

  jazzypop 14:25 22 Aug 2003

There are 3 sections in the above link. Scroll down to the bottom one, and follow the prompts regarding booting with his XP CD.

More detailed info on performing a repair reinstall of XP at click here

  tazmenia 14:41 22 Aug 2003

got in touch with my brother and told him what to do from the article you sent and nothing worked.
as soon as he turns his computer on its freezing on the black screen and the message pops up and he cant go anywhere.
he cant even get to the start button and his reboot cd wont run

  jazzypop 14:47 22 Aug 2003

Does he have a full version of XP on the CD, or a Recovery CD?

If he inserts a 'full' XP CD in the drive, switches off and then restarts, he should be OK. If it is a Recovery CD, the CD may rely on accessing files on the HDD, which are 'unreachable' due to the missing HAL file.

An alternative might be for you to download and make the XP Boot Floppies for him from click here

  alcudia 14:48 22 Aug 2003

Go into the bios, usually by pressing the del key as soon as you switch on, and search for the boot options, ensure that the CD drive is set to first boot. The pc will then boot from the CD and you will have the option either to repair the existing installation, or to reinstall afresh.

  xania 14:59 22 Aug 2003

Don't know XP home, but a suggestion. Try using a bootable floppy disk to get to the a:\ prompt. You should be able to amend boot.ini from there using the edit command which I think is on the floppy.

Assuming that boot.ini is in c:\Windows, the instructions will be as follows:

cd windows
a:edit boot.ini

  tazmenia 16:39 22 Aug 2003

my brother says thanks all, he up and running now.
the cd drive was set to run on 3rd boot, when he changed it to 1st boot, cd ran and everything is ok now

thanks all for your help :-)

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