Computer crash when playing online.

  soy 17:42 07 Dec 2003


My cousins PC: AMD athlon 1500+, 256DDR and 40GB.
He bought himself a Geforce Ti4800SE yesterday.

Graphic wise, games are exellent and much better than his FX5200. But one particular problem he has is that he cannot play online multiplar. If he connects to a server, his whole computer freezes and has shutdown via holding the power button. He is able to play single player perfectly.

Becuase he is able to play single player without problems, I assume that the crashes when he attempts to play online cannot be due to faulty card. I have updated his computer to DirectX 9.0, installed the latest nVidia Driver and have completely reinstalled the game and patches. I've disabled the Firewall and Virus scanner.

I'm confused at to what could be causing this problem.

He bought the card at Computer exchange so it wasn't a brand new card.

Could his PC not be able to handle this card?

Can anyone help on this matter?



  soy 21:04 07 Dec 2003

Have spoken to my cousin and he says that he has managed to play online but when he attempted to play on another server, the freeze happpens again. He hasn't managed to log on yet.

He plays Soldier of fortune 2.

  soy 14:56 08 Dec 2003


I solved the problem. When I installed the graphics card, I installed the latest driver from nVidia 52.16. Today, I unistalled it and installed an older driver 43.45 for him and ran some Graphics tweaking software. Amazingly, it worked and he can now play online.

for anyone that gets into a similar problem, the tweaking program is called 'nvHardpage' and can be downloaded at Guru3d click here

  eddie937 17:36 08 Dec 2003

I solved the same problem by buying a bigger power supply unit.

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