Computer crash with a loud noise (NOTbuzzingnoise)

  GilanDerp 19:01 02 Jun 2017

So.. As you can see in the title i have a problem with my computer. I bought this computer in december 2013 and 1 year later it had a blue screen... There was no way of fixing the computer so i send him to Acer where i bought the computer. When it came back everything seemed to work fine but... After a few months something happened. I was playing games like (cities skylines, ark survival, ark fittest, some other games) and the computer crashes. It gives me a black screen and it started to make 5x louder noises than a fan / ventilator. It happens again everytime i play a game like that.. The only game i can play is Minecraft and some other low graphic games. If you can help me please response to this mail. (My english is not the best xD) (So short-> My pc got a weird blue screen that wasnt possible to fix. I send it to acer. They fixed it. few months later -> crashes at high graphic games like ark and cities skylines with black screen + loud noise 5x - 10x fan / ventilator sound)

  GilanDerp 19:02 02 Jun 2017

btw i already tried to lower my % in the power managment <--

  KEITH 1955 15:32 03 Jun 2017

to check your graphics card type dxdiag into search box.

what graphics card do you have , loud fan noise could mean your card is running flat out to run your games.

to check memory type windows memory diagnosis into search box.

put a game that crashes on lowest settings for everything , does it still crash.

right click c drive/properties/tools and run disc error check.

does your pc crash when not gaming ...

  q33ny 18:47 03 Jun 2017

Get ou please provide the blue screen error? If you go to Event viewer you might be able to get the error. It should be in Windows Logs/System.

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