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Computer crash, hardware or software related?

  Roadgiant 09:45 29 Dec 2013

Hi I have a PC running W7 on Fri am while surfing the web after the computer had only been on for 15 mins the PC froze with what I can only describe as lines of interference accross the screen,the mouse pointer was still there and responsive but that's about it. On trying to reboot the lines of interferance accross the screen were still visible, PC attempted to boot up telling me that there was a problem with the startup file and it was attempting to repair, this failed several times,I then turned the power off completly tried again, no sign of the lines on screen,startup repaired worked and eventually PC was working fine.

Yesterday after PC had been on for about 6 hours same again,couldn't get it to restart and left it until this morning, this morning I turned PC on,startup repair failed and shutdown, turned PC on again and PC started perfectly from where I am now posting. Any suggestions as what could be causing this and how best to diagnose and cure what is causing this? Many thanks RG

At the moment I am using the PC and able to do any tests etc to give any guidance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:06 29 Dec 2013

Possible a corrupt file n the hard drive which start up repair replaced

However I would be inclined to do a disk check see here for vista but W7 is the same

Let it do the check on the C drive next time it boots up.

1]: [click here

  Roadgiant 12:41 29 Dec 2013

Thanks for the reply,just tried that and there doesn't appear to be any problems,I will keep thread open for a few days until I know problem is resolved. RG

  Roadgiant 21:06 30 Dec 2013

After 2 days of working OK, the same problem has occurred, I have just restarted the Pc in safe mode, with the same interference lines onscreen, does anyone have any further suggestions as to the next step? I feel that if I turn pc off and then later turn it on it sort itself out again . as mentioned above Pc is currently in safe mode. Thanks RG

  woodchip 21:39 30 Dec 2013

And my guess is a faulty PSU or Heat build up round Graphics chip or CPU if there is a Graphics card in the PC check if there is a fan on it and if its turning with power on

PS you can only do this with Desktop PC

  Roadgiant 15:09 01 Jan 2014

Thanks for the reply, Pc is a desktop, has graphics card, all fans appear to be running OK, sometimes I can get into safe mode sometimes not, at the moment it is on the starting Windows screen with the logo, but not starting and there are 4 bands of with approximately 10 lines of interference in each as well as a number of random dots on the display.

  Strawballs 21:02 01 Jan 2014

Just because the fans are running the hear sink could still be clogged up with dust, but that usually causes problems after it has been running about 10 min as the heat build up. I would look at the graphics card that could be causing your problem.

  Roadgiant 16:45 02 Feb 2014

Thanks for the help on this problem,graphics card had failed,got a new one installed,followed by 24 hours later PSU failure,may have been coincidental, maybe not.All sorted and working now.RG

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