computer course

  User-70C5C3A1-F4B5-4C00-B159FFCBC9FDB517 21:46 31 Aug 2004

hello all im wanting to do some sort of course in computers any one no any that are any good

  wallbash 22:15 31 Aug 2004

Could tell only one which was Rubbish

Intergrated Business Technology 2,

And yes I did pass the course, but have learnt a lot more reading this Forum

thats problem not sure what i no if you no what i mean

  woodchip 22:54 31 Aug 2004

Have a look ether in library in Computer Books, Or do as I did Buy them, You will learn a lot more and quicker buy having a book in your hand. A regular Mag order like a Sub for PCA mag.

  Jarvo 22:57 31 Aug 2004

Just finished a 2 year part time HNC in computing and IT with my local university and FE college. liked it so much that I am starting a bolt on HND year and hopefully BSC hon within another two years after that.

At first I was apprehensive and wondered if I could cope but all modules start with the basics and work there way up to some very advanced stuff.

My course was very much application based with advanced spreadsheets, databases, Visual programing and web design but different courses are available and they will give you a recognised qualification.

could not recommend it enough


  woodchip 23:08 31 Aug 2004

Did it show you how the innards work, not how to put petrol in the filer.

  Djohn 00:28 01 Sep 2004

Learndirect is a good place to start. They do courses on computer hardware and software from the very basic to advanced. The course can be done via your local university or on-line if your on broadband.

I'm doing the complete desktop computer course at the moment from home. It covers 7 modules plus I'm taking touch typing as well. Excellent course if you have the self discipline to study. click here

  Dan the Confused 01:16 01 Sep 2004

It would be easier to give advice on this if you gave a bit more info. For example, are you a school leaver? What qualifications do you have, and what career do you want to pursue? Or do you wish to study just out of interest? Are you looking for a career change? etc...

There are many courses you can take, and many ways to take them. I realise that it can be difficult knowing which to choose though.

  Jarvo 06:58 01 Sep 2004


Yes it did actuly and whilst I agree that you can learn a lot from books and magazines (and I Have)I have learnt a hell of a lot from college in a comparativly short time. The point I was making was that you don't have to know a massive amount about computers to start a formal educational course. I was lucky and new a bit about my subjects studied hard and now probably now more about application development than most (with the exception of professional developers and the mighty VoG), I also learnt as much again from my colleagues and lectures by asking questions about things that where additional to my course. I am quite capable of doing moderately difficult upgrades to my hardware, but you have to remember that fixing upgrading IT equipment is only one of a number of specialised fields within IT you can follow. The field I decided to follow was application development, but I also mentioned that Uni's and FE colleges of a number of varied courses in different subjects.

english 113

The advice I would give you is decide what you would like to learn and what you would like to do with those qualifications.
If you are looking to gain qualifications to work in IT, look at jobs being advertised and qualifications being requested and make your decisions from there. If you just want to know a little more about computers look at learn direct, ECDL and Clait courses.

best of luck


thank you all i agrree with you woodchip ag are brill over night ive been thinking what ive actullt learnt
here my list
how os work
how office work
av and firewalls
internet and email
upgraded from 98 to me to xp and even had alook at 2003 server when there was an eval on microsoft
started to upgade hardware
then went frthr and now the systerm i use i built from sratch

now i think thats pretty good considering 1 and a half year a go then i brought second hand pc i didnt even no where the wire when in the back

and all this is from trail and error pca and this forum i thank you all

so anyone no where to go next!!!!

  recap 09:39 01 Sep 2004

I would suggest that you go to your local college on an open day/evening and talk to a tutor. The tutor should then be able to guide you to a course that would best suite your needs.


A suggested look in at your local Learndirect or a UK Online centre, and the same should happen their.

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