Computer continually restarting at start up

  wmossuk 21:57 10 Jul 2012

Hi guys,

I have just built the computer today as the parts came through in the post. I have everything set up but now when i turn the computer on I get the initial Gigabyte motherboard screen which shows that you need to press delete for BIOS setup etc. However its not recognising that I'm pressing delete.

What I want to do now is be able to install Window 7. I have the disc inserted but all the computer does is load the screen I mention above and after about 10 seconds just shut down and restart in a loop.


  grahamk89 22:01 10 Jul 2012

Try using the esc key to go into bios, it may also be the F2 key you are looking for. Different machines sometimes have different key requirements to enter the BIOS.

The loop you mention is because the system cannot find an OS. Usually though in this instance you would receive an error saying "Cannot find operating system - press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart."

  wmossuk 22:10 10 Jul 2012

No luck,. the screen that loads up definitely says delete for BIOS set up. Tried Escape and F2 but nothing.

I've tried it with two different keyboards one is the purple connector and the other is USB and both do nothing?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:25 10 Jul 2012

Did you put thermal paste on the heatsink?

Sounds as if shutting down after overheat.

  wmossuk 22:43 10 Jul 2012

yeah its the i5 3750k and the fan that came with it with thermal paste on it

  wmossuk 22:59 10 Jul 2012

specs are

i5 3750k 8gb Ripjaw memory EVGA GTX 560 graphics card 600W Corsair PSU Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Mobo

  KRONOS the First 13:54 12 Jul 2012

I would check everything again,by that I mean that everything is seated correctly and in particular the CPU cooler, as Fruit Bat has said it sounds like overheating so make sure that the cooler is fitted correctly. Also ensure all power cables are connected to the motherboard and that the CPU fan is in the correct motherboard header.

Do you get any beeps from the motherboard on power on? If so what?

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