Computer to computer copy

  Splodge 11:07 03 Dec 2011

I have 2 Windows 7 computers, both of the same spec but different makers.

Each one has similar Windows 7 installed but, obviously different keys!

Now, if I had a second drive, on the same computer, whatever the content, I could overwrite it and, changing the master, it would work.

What I would like to do is use an external drive and copy across the whole contents of my more up-to-date computer's contents, replacing the completely the secondary Windows 7 which, in any case I only use as an emergency backup for my documents.

The thing is, the secondary is virtually unusable as a main computer because, due to overheating problems the hard drive has been replaced four times. As a reserve, however it gives me immediate access to the internet in an emergency.

Responses please from anyone who has tried that or has knowledge!

Thank you.

  retep888™ 14:10 03 Dec 2011

NAS storage?

click here

  Splodge 15:23 03 Dec 2011


you miss the question's meaning!

I want to clone one computer's operating system and everything else onto the second computer of a different make to make an exact copy.

Acronis offer the ability via their Acronis Home 2011 plus but there are lots of complaints about its' affectiveness!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:29 03 Dec 2011

second computer of a different make

won't boot if you put it in the first PC as the drivers will be different.

  Splodge 15:35 03 Dec 2011

er, yes Fruitbat, it can. Go to the Acronis web-site!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:59 03 Dec 2011

"there are lots of complaints about its' affectiveness!"

  hastelloy 16:07 03 Dec 2011

I've used Acronis for many years without a single problem. However, *Fruit Bat /\0/* is correct - whilst you can clone the HDD of your second PC, this will not work on your first PC because the motherboard drivers will be different.

  Splodge 16:08 03 Dec 2011

yes, I have e-mailed Acronis:

reply was;

I am out of office on annual leave until 12 December. If you have any urgent enquiries, please contact Béné[email protected]

will try again tomorrow.

Incidentally I have separate backup external drives for my computers so I should only lose time!

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