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  Phoenix40 13:18 03 Sep 2005

Hello ive just noticed over the last couple of days that my clock on my desktop is out of time when i startup the computer in the morning.When i correct the time it seems alright the rest of the day but by the following morning it starts to lag behind in time.Also at the same time it takes me twice to turn on my computer as well in the morning but not the rest of the day and finally sometimes when i switch it off it automatically starts up again.Can some sort of virus got in affected it but theres nothing showing on my antivirus system or is it a sign that my computer is on its way out ive had it for five years.It seems to have started when i installed Incredimail and my AVG antivirus if that might be the reason in anyway.I use Windows 98SE and Nvidia Geforce 420X graphics card otherwise the computer seems alright i would appreciate any help thanks.

  wiz-king 13:22 03 Sep 2005

Leave it on for 24 hrs and see if it loses time, if it only loses time when it is switched off you need a new battery on the mother board

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:28 03 Sep 2005

sounds like a simple CMOS battery losing its charge.

These batteries are cheap (not from PC world)and easy to replace.

CMOS Battery
click here

  Phoenix40 13:41 03 Sep 2005

Hello thanks for your reply.If it is the battery do you have any idea where i can order it from in England.If it is the battery running down does it affect the rest of the computer in time can i still use it in every other way with software etc hope to here a reply soon thanks.

  dave_and_confused 13:45 03 Sep 2005

The batteries are usually CR323 watch batteries available in many high street stores esp jewellery shops or anyone that does with batteries. You can check by opening the case and looking. Don't remove the batery until you need to and make a note of your BIOS settings first as you'll need to reset the BIOS after.

If the battery runs too low the BIOS will start to loose information. Nothing major but can be pain until sorted.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 03 Sep 2005

Its a CR2032 battery see pictures in my link available from local PC shop jewellers etc. approx £1 - £2

  Phoenix40 14:56 03 Sep 2005

Hello thank you for your replies.Im glad its a straight forward matter with the type of battery one needs that was going to be my next question i thought of.If one had to have a particular battery for a particular motherboard to complicate things.So im glad its one standardised battery i never had a computer long enough for this to happen.The other thing one of you mention about keeping my computer on for 24hrs.Well because its an electrical appliance im not too keen on leaving an electrical item running through the night for too obvious reasons cost and safety!
Well you obviously mention something else now i need to know more about as i havnt done this before. What is the BIOS settings and how do i check them and set them up when i install the battery. Hope it isnt too complicated to explain here i would appreciate any advice so i can make a note of it in my book when the time comes to do this thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:09 03 Sep 2005

If you have never been in the BIOS then you will not have changed anything so they are probably set to default conditions. and you will not have to do anything.

You can access the BIOS when you fisrt boot up a message appears telling you to "del for setup" or something simular.

click here for bios settings

  Phoenix40 15:20 03 Sep 2005

Hello thanks for your reply.That is true i havnt personally touched anything to do with BIOS settings.Ive only had to in the past reset everything on my computer when ive had a major problem with it using my master disk to set everything up again.So im glad i wont have to touch anything there so i ll get a new battery next week then.Thanks a lot for your help.

  Phoenix40 09:56 05 Sep 2005

Hello ive tested my computer overnight to see what happens with the clock and this is what happens.I usually unplug my computer at night for safety reasons and thats when i notice the clock starts to slow down.But leaving it plugged in but turning the computer off itself i notice this morning the clock seems up to date and the computer switches on alright and not doing it twice.Does this still mean i need a new battery because im sure in the past i was able to unplug it and everything was alright! I hope to have a reply thank you.

  dave_and_confused 10:01 05 Sep 2005

With the PC off and plugged in I'm sure the Motherboard is still getting power (my motherboard must do because some LEDs are still lit) so the clock will still keep time.

The battery is there for when there is no power at all(i.e. the plug is pulled or the wall switch flicked) and if the battery is low then the clock will slow.

For a couple of quid it's a cheap fix and worth giving a shot.

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