Computer Cleanup Question

  J B 11:06 18 May 2006

I'm doing a spring cleanup and I have a couple of questions;

I have a lot of software installers from programs that I have downloaded, do I still need them or can I get rid of them?

Would it be wise to trim down my start up of non essential services. I'm not to savvy on this front so where can I go for help?

At present I have Ccleaner, and Tweaknow Reg cleaner which I used for the start of my cleanup, are these enough or do I need something different? I will tell you that I trust these programs because they are easy to use and have not let me down. I only manage the registry not go hell bent for leather so to speak.

Thanks for any advise rendered. J.B.

  ACOLYTE 11:10 18 May 2006

If you want to install the programs again you may need to keep them,it may be there are updated versions,if so you dont need the old ones.As for services click here
is a good guide to what does what and what to set them at.

  Shortstop 11:25 18 May 2006

CCleaner & a reg cleaner [don't know tweaknow myself] are a great place to begin. Personally, I use Easy Cleaner click here

I assume that you have the 2 free programs Adaware click here & Spybot click here and a de-fragger? This is usually all the cleaning I bother with.



  J B 15:48 18 May 2006

The answer as to whether I have Adaware and Spybot is yes, and I would like to say thankyou for the information. I will leave this thread open for a while and let you know how I get on. J.B.

  SB23 15:51 18 May 2006

Another one is Cleanup click here.
This is very good. To be sure that you don't delete what you need, run it in demo mode. This way you can check before you run the program for real. I always do a backup of my registry, aswell,just in case.

  bluto1 19:17 18 May 2006

I was doing the same spring clean yesterday having during the past 6 months installed and uninstalled numerous programmes. Like you I ran the usual cleaners, antispyware and AV and cleaned a lot out.
A last check was Click on My Computer>Local Drive C>Programme Files. There were about 20 items I thought had been cleaned so I just deleted them as I came to them. Granted they did`nt take up too much space. It`s relatively safe as you won`t be allowed to delete files that are necessary to your OS. Happy Springcleaning.

  skidzy 19:33 18 May 2006

click here Hope this helps,this may help you also click here

  J B 19:54 18 May 2006

Well, after all said and done, and with the help from all you guys, I think I'm done. The computer seems quicker and more responsive, and I gained some phyical memory back by getting rid of a couple of resource hogs (no not Norton, still a long time till the subs run out). That my dear friends will come later. I will have a look at windows startup to see what it's all about. I only used Tweaknow and Ccleaner, but I will bookmark the rest and have a look later. Again, thanks for the help. J.B.

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