computer chair problem

  sunnystaines 20:16 09 Aug 2010

trying my best to describe the problem here.

the central stem that runs from under the seat to the five arms with a wheel on each has somehow pushed too deep through the ring that holds the five arms.
So the base of this stem is now lower than the five wheels preventing them from all sitting squarely on the carpet.

is it brute force to push the stem up through the ring or is their a knack to it, do know how it suddenly got like this.
make of chair not known but looks like
click here
only the padding looks different, the controls look the same

  sunnystaines 20:18 09 Aug 2010

should read do not know how it went like this.

awaiting an edit button

  Belatucadrus 20:54 09 Aug 2010

I once saw a chair star base being taken off a busted gas lift stem, fully expecting either finesse or a knack. What we got were several strategically placed, but very vigorous wallops with a large nylon headed mallet. Not quite BFI, but pretty damned close.
Your problem is then going to be finding out why it's failed, either the stem has failed somehow or the star base has cracked which is why the stem has forced its way through. Unless you're a dab hand at welding it'll probably be as expensive to repair as to replace.

  sunnystaines 21:12 09 Aug 2010

no signs of a visible crack. the gas lever still works ok to raise and lower the seat.

  woodchip 21:20 09 Aug 2010

They are made to a Price, mine just kept falling in bits. the bottom star legs kept braking at the middle metal box section covered with a plastic shield I welded it about three times, finally gave it to my eldest son

  northumbria61 23:01 09 Aug 2010

Similar chair to what you describe - that is a fairly solid steel/chrome stem. With the chair turned upside down there should be a metal clip on the base of this stem - I don't know if this makes any difference - does/did your have one or is it missing ?

  gazzaho 23:20 09 Aug 2010

I had the same problem the central post started scraping the floor. My solution was to use a vice to push the post back through the hole in the plastic wheel base. The post is tapered slightly and makes an interference fit, the problem as I see it with my chair is that the taper on the post is too shallow allowing the post to slip through with time.

I put the whole lot in the vice making sure the compression was pushing the post out, away from the wheel side of the base, after putting a little pressure on I used a hammer to lightly tap the plastic base to jar it loose, you may have to turn it around a few times in the vice to even out the load around the post hole, if your lucky it should come loose without cracking or damaging the plastic base.

Once the post was separated from the base I would brown packaging tape, the type they use for taping cardboard boxes, around the post and reinserted it into the base adjusting the amount of tape until I had, what I believed enough to stop the post from moving too far through. So far I've had no more problems with it, touch wood.

  northumbria61 23:27 09 Aug 2010

sunnystaines - you will have to cut down on the meat pies !

  gazzaho 23:31 09 Aug 2010

The metal clip you mention is part of the gas shock absorber, at least on my chair and all others I've owned.

I'm not suggesting all chairs are the same but any I've owned over the years have all worked on the same principal, the post is tapered at the bottom as is the hole in the wheel base, gravity and weight over time have the effect of pushing the post into the wheel base and securing it.

  Belatucadrus 01:28 10 Aug 2010

Hence my comments, apologies for poor explanation, when the gas lift spears through the 5 star base it usually means that the bottom of the strut has started to collapse in on itself for some reason (this need not affect the function of the gas lift) or the receiving hole/ring in the base has split.

  sunnystaines 07:41 10 Aug 2010

thank you all for the helpful tips, I now know its needs a bit a careful force and that i am not missing some obvious adjustment.

not got a vice, but may get some gentle tapping with a large hammer later.

no meat pies, but high doses of verapmil tablets have made me pile on nearly ten kilo.

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