Computer Centre bogus call?

  collinsc 12:47 20 Aug 2011

Hi My parents have been getting calls from an indian call centre telling them they have a virus on their PC, and as they are affiliates of microsoft they will talk as through clearing the virus.

Sounded unlikely, so i told my parents to ignore it, i had an interesting conversation with the "call centre" when they happened to ring when i was there earlier and i asked what microsoft OS we were running and what our address was and they said "i dont understand what you are saying, speak to my supervisor" - then i hang up.

has anyone else had similar calls to this?


  collinsc 12:48 20 Aug 2011


  northumbria61 12:56 20 Aug 2011

There have been several Posts on here about these type of scams. Microsoft or anyone else associated with Microsoft would never ring you. They are nearly always from an Indian Call Centre or a person with an Indian Accent.

  northumbria61 13:00 20 Aug 2011

If you type Microsoft Telephone Scams into the PC Advisor search box you will see several examples there.

  ams4127 14:12 20 Aug 2011

I just ask why Microsoft would be phoning about Ubuntu.

Silence, and they hang up!

  onthelimit1 18:02 20 Aug 2011

An example

link text

  proudfoot 10:14 21 Aug 2011

When I get a cold call, I say "Oh hang on a minute there is someone at the door". I put the phone near the radio or TV and leave it there for 10 mins. or so. By that time they usually have got fed up and cleared the call.

  collinsc 11:29 21 Aug 2011

thanks for responses. so, what are they actually trying to do? get money out of us for carrying out their instructions to "clear the virus"?!?!

  Nontek 12:07 21 Aug 2011

In a word, Yes - plus they are probably looking for any bank details they can find for further robbery, or identity theft.

  Nontek 12:10 21 Aug 2011

PS - and in any case - there is no virus to get rid of! Though after such a call, it is always advisable to run Virus and Anti-Malware scans.

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