computer case stain

  Desperate-Dan 23:52 03 Sep 2007

Hi, I put my computer on the dinning table to do some upgrading when I lifted the computer off the table it left four black rings on the table the computer case has four rubber pads on the base I've had the case on a pine table before but it didn't leave a mark I've tried everything to get it off, tooth past lighten it a bit but its still there the table is very light coloured hard wood from Asia, any one know how to remove it?

  johnnyrocker 11:13 04 Sep 2007

you might try a light oil or mild soap solution but i reckon best bet to check with a furniture restorer if table is valuable.


  Jackcoms 11:23 04 Sep 2007

It's a shame that dinning (sic) tables don't come with System Restore like computers. ;-)

  Desperate-Dan 11:34 04 Sep 2007

the table is not valuable, I'll get it sorted some how thanks.

  [email protected] 12:13 04 Sep 2007

this seems to do everything, even gets bloo loo stains from wooden toilet seats! (a recent experience of mine) click here

  amonra 13:36 04 Sep 2007

Try :- WD 40, turps, Jif kitchen cleaner, then as a last resort, nail varnish remover.

  Desperate-Dan 16:32 04 Sep 2007

I've tried all above, it has gone lighter I'll just keep trying thanks for all your help

  jack 19:50 04 Sep 2007

Isoproponal Alcohol is the stuff
exists in Window Cleaner or Car ScreenWash
among many other cleaners

  SANTOS7 19:52 04 Sep 2007

click here
this may help,good luck..

  recap 19:52 04 Sep 2007

Diluted Vinegar might do the trick on a damp cloth?

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