Computer case gap = dust.

  apeacock 20:33 27 Nov 2017

Hi, My computer case has gaps/ openings in the back and im concerned about dust getting in the computer. Somone recommeneded me to get a corsair CPU cooler and it would prevent most dust getting in, But personally im still unsure.

I would like to link some picture from my computer but unsure how.

  wee eddie 21:26 27 Nov 2017

Your Computer needs a clear flow of air to keep it cool. The fans are the method of creating that air flow.

All air contains dust and there will be a very gradual build up, but in most cases a cleanout every 3 years, or so, will do the trick.

However if you place the case unadvisedly you can make things much worse.

On the floor is a bad idea. Where the cat can sit on it, it's warm, is a really bad idea. In a cupboard, or any other enclosed space, makes the fans work overtime because it heats up in there. Using a laptop on your lap or on a blanket in bed is, plumb stupid.

  wee eddie 21:40 27 Nov 2017

You can put a gauze mesh over the spaces that the manufacturers have left, specifically to allow the air to get in, but you must remember to clear the dust off them, regularly.

  Flat Earther 01:26 28 Nov 2017

get a case that has front fans and a filter, mine has 2 fans at the front drawing in and just 1 at the back exhausting, it results in a positive pressure inside the case and air seeps out the gaps rather than being drawn in, unfiltered.

2 years on and haven't had to clean inside the PC and no build up of fluff and dust anywhere except on the front filter, which requires a clean every few months.

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