Computer boots straight into Power Save

  Mikealsop 19:55 07 Jul 2007

I recently tweaked a Bios setting (I know I know) to try and solve a problem but caused one far worse. I changed: Advanced; Ex Sata, Ex Sata to PCI-E. Having re-read the motherboard manual I know that you should not do this but I thought that I could easily reverse the setting if anything went wrong.
However now the machine boots straight into Power Save and nothing will bring it out or stopping it going straight in again if I switch off (pressing control button). I have tried bootable disks (Win XP motherboard support cd etc)
I just need to get back into the BIOS to change the setting but am at a loss to know how I can do this. Any ideas welcomed

  ambra4 20:19 07 Jul 2007

Hope you now know


On the motherboard there is a jumper setting that will reset the CMOS to the default setting.

Should say CMOS Jumper it depend on the brand of motherboard

Normal should be Pin 1&2

Clear CMOS Pin 2&3

If you have a Manual of the motherboard check the setting or check the motherboard maker site before changing the jumper

Change jumper to clear the CMOS and wait 5 -10 mins then reinstall jumper to the original position

Good Luck

  Mikealsop 20:23 07 Jul 2007

Thanks, I will try this when I have time and let you know outcome

  Mikealsop 10:17 16 Jul 2007

Sounds silly, I know, but I found a soft reset button which I did not realise existed and when I used this the system rebooted perfectly!
Thanks for tip which is added to my personal memory banks!

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