Computer is Booting to BIOS

  ToasterBurns 17:14 24 Jan 2018

As said in the title, over the past couple of days I've had a problem where my computer boots to the BIOS screen. I then have to turn it off using the power button and wait a few seconds before booting again, at which point it starts to the lock screen like normal.

Perhaps unrelated but my Chrome has frozen twice in the same time frame, causing my computer to display a message about running into a problem and restarting (The first time this happened the restart opened to BIOS, which is what started this whole thing).

This has happened once before and I had help solving the issue (it was something to do with ASUS EZ flash I think) but I can't remember what exactly I was told to do. I can probably find my specs if needed, but my motherboard is ASUS B150M-C D3.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:12 24 Jan 2018

Check the connection to the HDD (ssd)

  ToasterBurns 16:41 25 Jan 2018

I'm not entirely sure what that means if I'm honest, but I'm also pretty sure the problem isn't hardware related. It's something that happened before as I said, and also as I said it's only every other startup that boots to BIOS (as long as I wait for bios to load before turning my pc off, the next startup will not go to bios). The problem is that due to the internet browser freezes (just discovered that explorer and chrome both do this) my computer force restarts, leading to bios. It's pretty annoying honestly, as it takes quite a while to get back on and everything I might've been doing at the time is gone. It's actually happened twice while trying to respond to your comment.

Again, I have had this problem before and it was something to do with EZ Flash 3, but I can't remember the specifics and was wondering if anyone has any ideas.

  ToasterBurns 17:08 30 Jan 2018

Alright solved the boot to BIOS thing. EZ Flash is supposed to auto update the BIOS but for some reason it doesn't like my internet, so I have to do it manually.

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