Computer Blacks Out After a While

  Phoenix40 01:44 12 Dec 2013

Hello i dont know if this is an age related problem with my computer its about 6 years old a Packard Bell desktop. It boots up alright but recently it keeps crashing or blacking out after about 15 mins. I use Wins Vista and have an Nvidia 8400GS graphic card. So i just wonder if this means its giving up the ghost and i got to get another one? It usually crashes when im using the internet or playing a game linked to a server now.if you want anymore information let me know thanks.

  mole1944 07:16 12 Dec 2013

close it down earth yourself, open the side and switch it back on and see if all the fan are working sounds like an overheating problem or a virus. get a can of air (Yes it does sound strange)close down your pc unplug it earth yourself and blow away all the accumulated crud. be careful not to touch any electronic components. It could be software related but I will leave that to others who know better than i

  Phoenix40 13:58 12 Dec 2013

Hello this has actually happened after i done all that in the first reply. I thought i would give it a bit of a clean out. I tried an antivirus scan nothing picked up yet unless there is a decent free malware antivirus thing that can deal with it. No i didnt check the fan while turning it on when i was cleaning it out i was worried something would happen if i did that so its quite safe to do that then? Thanks for the help.

  SimpleSimon1 17:49 12 Dec 2013

...but recently it keeps crashing or blacking out after about 15 mins

Uhm, do you mean that you just lose screen or does your PC just power down? If the former and the desktop appears to be running but you just can't see anything on the screen, you may have an intermittent fault on your graphics card. I had this happen once - the screen would frequently blank out but the desktop would still be running as normal. In fact, using Teamviewer from another computer, I could remote desktop onto my PC (whilst it's screen was blank), remotely get the normal desktop and operate it remotely, as normal! Since this suggested a graphics fault, I replaced the graphics card and everything was then fine.

  Phoenix40 18:18 12 Dec 2013

Hello no it first blacks out then it sounds like its turning off. The other thing because in the recent pass i ve been having the graphics going off then coming back on with a message at the bottom saying drivers were not responding but have come back on. I have been installing new drivers then uninstalling, then reinstalling them again. Is there anyway i might have corrupted the drivers? If so whats the best way of clearing them out now and setting it up properly. At the moment it does make a lot of whirring noises as im doing anything. Thanks for any help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:59 12 Dec 2013

Sounds like overheating

Open it up and clean out all the dust and fluff lift the fan off the cpu heatsink and remove the layer of dust that will be trapped under there.

If still doing it after that then a possibility that the PSU is dying (PB tend to use cheap PSUs, I've changed several for other people.

  Phoenix40 23:15 12 Dec 2013

Hello sorry if i seem ignorant with some tech definitions but what is PSU is it power supply unit? It might be that if so has it takes a while to start up sometimes it wont at all and just remains humming. Can i get an engineer to fix up a new one and what sort do i need for a PB Multimedia desktop computer and how much do they roughly cost? Also is it worth having one now with a 6 year old computer let me know thanks.

  Phoenix40 02:20 13 Dec 2013

Hello i think i might have finally solved the problem and rather sheepish about the cause of it! It seems to have been one of my games called Field of Glory a tabletop wargame that i play online seems to have been the cause it wasnt like it in the beginning and i wonder if it might have been corrupted by some malware problems i had a few weeks ago. I found and got rid of the viruses so i didnt put two and two together. Whatever it was was making things worse for my computer and stopped me from watching programmes. I noticed the game would keep crashing after a short while but when i played others nothing happened. so ive just uninstalled the game and reinstalled then played and nothing happened and the same watching anything on my computer it no longer crashes. And my computer is a lot quieter now. Is there any chance when you upgrade video drivers they can corrupt software or maybe any of the window updates like the Net Framework files can they cause trouble? Anyway i hope that sorts out the problem i cant believe a simple thing like that can affect the computer in such a bad way. thanks for all your help fingers cross.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:02 13 Dec 2013

PSU = Power supply Unit as you guessed 4 screws and a lot of plugs is all it takes to change so not too hard :0)


Glad you have found the cause and it was nothing costly :0)

Yes corrupted drivers or programs and cause problems as the system tries to find the bad files.

  Phoenix40 14:18 13 Dec 2013

Hello sorry to say its starting up again its most likely a PSU problem i guess i will have to get an engineer to deal with it later. But i ll try and open it up later and see what the fan does; how do i know if its not working properly? Thanks for any ideas.

  Phoenix40 19:57 14 Dec 2013

Hello concerning my computer blacking out ive uninstalled all my Nvidia graphic card drivers for now. It seemed to work fine after a while but it crashed again when i restarted my computer i had this message on my desktop i will give the full details to see if this means anything to anyone hers the windows message.

Wins has recovered from an unexpected shutdown

Problem Signature Problem event name Bluescreen OS Version 6.0.6002.2.0768.3 Locale ID 2057

Additional Info About the Problem BCCode 116 BCP1 859D5008 BCP2 8C9FDADC BCP3 C000000D BCP4 0000003 OS Version 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2.0 Product 768.1

There was further details about what files this info came from if you need it next time. So i hope someone can read this and see what this means if this is what is causing my computer to crash!. It mentions Bluescreen i did have a few in the recent past but not now or it doesnt show up when it crashes. Hope someone can help thank you.

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