Computer beeps when entering passwords

  Mrs Smith 08:54 29 Jun 2005

Whenever I enter my password on certain websites (including my bank) the computer beeps with every key press. Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to stop it? It's really annoying me!

  Indigo 1 10:35 29 Jun 2005

I wonder if it is a keylogger.

Which Anti-Virus program do you have ? And how often do you run it ?

What do you use to scan for Spyware and Malware ? and how often do you update and scan ?

Which operating system do you have ?

  Mrs Smith 08:27 30 Jun 2005

I wondered that too, but I've checked my computer with four different spyware checkers and though they got rid of some tracking cookies, nothing else was found and it still happens.

However, I think I've tracked the problem to the BT Yahoo Browser, because when I log on with IE it doesn't happen.

I'm gonna get in touch with BT Yahoo about it to see if they know what to do about it.

Thanks for your reply.

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