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computer battery will not charge

  Sara Weddel 00:12 28 Apr 2017

Hello, I have a dell inspiron laptop that I bought in 2011. It was a lemon when I got it but has been working fine for about 3 years now. Last summer I replaced the battery because my old one wouldn't hold a charge long. I bought a third party battery because it was cheaper and more convenient (duracell i think). I have a tendancy to over charge the battery quite often (leaving it plugged in all night) and now my computer says (18% available plugged in, not charging." I have my laptop plugged into a surge protector that has a long cord on it because my laptop cord will not reach from my desk to the outlet. I have checked every point along this "system" and everything is getting power. My computer also turns on (im using it now) and the battery percentage stays the same. It will not charge when the laptop is off. Did i ruin my battery? I really don't want to buy a new one or do anything that would require me to use function keys or is somewhat tricky as I am not good with computers and tend to screw things up when I do this. Is there anything else I can do? My computer never had a problem with battery being loose before.

  Burn-it 00:36 28 Apr 2017

It is likely your battery is dead. They are one part that is not good to buy cheap as you DO only get what you pay for.

  Forum Editor 07:55 28 Apr 2017

I agree with Burn-it.

  rickf 09:35 28 Apr 2017

Also, Dell machines are very particular with parts.

  Govan1x 10:36 28 Apr 2017

Does it run ok just using the battery with the charger removed.

If not Maybe remove the battery as well and hold the start button in for 50 seconds so that it gets rid of any static. Then reinstall the battery and charger to see if that makes any difference.

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