Computer auto restarts when playing any given game

  SirBastian2000 18:13 27 Jun 2017

Whenever I play/launch any game, a whirring sound from within the computer suddenly escalates, and the computer immediatley restarts, as shown in the video. This can happen on a loading screen, within only a few minutes of game time, or, it can happen upwards of an hour during gameplay. This happens on almost all games, be it GTA V, Overwatch, Civ V or Rocket League.

Thought at first it could be a heat issue - I used temp monitoring software, all seemed to be fine, but I hoovered it out and bought two new, additional fans anyway, and yet it still happens; as such, I'm not sure if it is temperature, but I'm open to suggestions.

Changing the game settings, such as graphical quality or render distance, etc, etc - does nothing either.

I uploaded a video of this happening to YouTube

  wee eddie 18:50 27 Jun 2017

I see that you have downloaded and used software to check the temperatures of the various parts of your PC BUT~~~~~

It is on the floor, a notorious place for dust.

Have you looked inside, particularly between the fins of whatever heat exchange units you use?

  SirBastian2000 19:24 27 Jun 2017

Hi there, only a thin, what I would consider to be normal layer of dust lining those areas, certainly nothing that I would imagine to be capable of completley constricitng airflow. I shot a video of inside my PC and an image of main heatsink to give you an idea.

It's weird, had this problem 6 months ago, hoovered it out. Worked alright since, but suddenly started causing problems again, despite hoovering it out, and buying two 6" USB fans. Maybe I need to be more thorough in cleaning?

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:53 27 Jun 2017

Might be worth removing CPU fan and seeing if there is a layer of fluff between fan and heatsink.

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