hiwatt 19:52 30 Apr 2007

Hi all.My girlfriend is buying a computer tommorow with a budget of £300-400.Could you guys please advise what will be a good relible buy?It's just for surfing the net and downloading music etc,no gaming or anything.Is acers computers any good or is there something better for the same price?Any help is much appreciated,thanks.

  Kate B 19:55 30 Apr 2007

Dell has good cheap PCs. Buy online, not in a store.

  marsman 20:18 30 Apr 2007

why dont you consider building your own? Its never been easier and you can build a much higher spec for the same money. A decent motherboard case, hard drive, etc all cheap and you can but an OEM version of Windows Vista for £80 money much better spent, if want some good companies who sell components I can send you the links.

  malgall 20:31 30 Apr 2007

dell is a good choice well known for the good customer service and after sales service
in fact the best in the business

  malgall 20:36 30 Apr 2007

one more thing avoid if possible all pentium 4s
they produce a lot of heat so need bigger fans making more noise
a better choice would be an amd cpu

  Diodorus Siculus 20:36 30 Apr 2007

Do you mean that she is going out tomorrow to buy the machine? If possible, buy online as suggested by Kate B.

If buying in a shop, research carefully first.

click here for a machine from Comet and add a monitor to it.

I think if you can buy online you will find better deals though.

  Technotiger 20:40 30 Apr 2007

Hi, I too recommend DELL. I ordered a new Complete DELL system on-line for a friend of mine, it was delivered the following morning! How's that for service. I set it up for him without any hiccups what-so-ever. Everything was pre-installed and all the FULL and unopenned software was complete.

  hiwatt 20:42 30 Apr 2007

Thanks for replying folks.Unfortunately I don't have the know how to build one myself.Yeah we're hoping to get one tommorow from the likes of pc world or something but if waiting a bit longer to get a better buy online is the better option then thet's probably what we'll do.She's pretty excited about getting a pc though.

  malgall 20:44 30 Apr 2007

yes i phoned dell for mine as i wanted somethings not on the internet they were very helpful
and was told my computer would be delivered in about ten days but took only three

  hiwatt 20:45 30 Apr 2007

One more thing.There's an acer 160gb hardrive with 512mb ram and a 15" monitor for £289.Does that sound alright?Is acer a good make?Thanks.

  malgall 20:46 30 Apr 2007

pc worls have a good deal on a packard bell 2380
the only problem is pcworld have possible the worst after sales service around
so your ok as long as nothing goes wrong

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