Computer is acting very strange - please help

  Tabatha 14:44 10 Nov 2003


Yesterday, whilst I was building my own website, my computer starting playing up, was exceedingly slow, then suddenly I had an error warning, which was so quick I couldn't write it down basically saying something was wrong. I lost everything, and when I went back into the file for my site, there was no site at all!! Luckily I had saved a copy (an old one - never mind) but even that was slower than slow.

This morning I've run Norton Anti-Virus, scan disk, win doctor, etc., (which were slow too.) And nothing has worked. Sometimes it just gets stuck, e.g. when I tried to get on here. I had to do control, alt, delete, and the message was PROGRAM NOT RESPONDING....

Email takes an age too.

I have a very new Windows XP Home Edition.

Any help would be grateful. I need to get on with website asap.


p.s. when I was running scan disk, etc., the screen switched itself off, and I couldn't get the computer to work. I had to turn the computer off, then turn on again........

  recap 14:48 10 Nov 2003

Up-date your anti-virus and run it again, it may be a virus you have.

  LastChip 14:50 10 Nov 2003

Go into Control Panel; Computer Management/Administration and look for "Events". Open it, and look for the event that caused the problem.

Right click the problem child, and it should throw some more light on what went wrong.

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