Computer acting up, need help please

  corc2 14:30 25 Sep 2005

My friends computer has been acting strangely of late.He uses it for online gaming, Raven Shield, Command & Conquer etc. The games stopped loading up and he couldn't connect to internet. He has all latest patches etc and they are all legit copies of game. RS wouldn't even let him uninstall game to try and re-install it. I suggested registry was corrupted and as he had a second 40GB HDD that was empty, I offered to re-install XP onto his empty HDD and then re-install all his games onto that drive, copy all his files from 1st HDD then reformat 1st HDD. I did this a few days ago(except reformatting 1st HDD)and all went well- games played, computer started up/shut down with no problems. I reinstalled games, patched them up, connected to game servers and games were playing as they should. I patched latest graphics drivers and installed latest verion of Kerio firewall and AVG anti-virus. He's been in contact with me and says that the games are not working properly again and computer is not starting up/shutting down properly. I don't know what else to try - anyone got any suggestions?
Specs: AMD Athlon 1.53, 128MB Graphics, 512MB RAM, 2x 40GB HDD, XP Pro +SP2, Blueyonder Broadband

  Graham ® 15:11 25 Sep 2005

Try checking the filing system for errors. Start, Run, 'sfc /scannow', OK. Have the XP CD to hand.

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