scolley 20:27 17 Jun 2007

Celeron (R)2.80GHz
2.80GHz,960 MB of RAM.

Can some one please tell me what all this means in lay mans terms,

  recap 20:34 17 Jun 2007

The Celeron 2.80MHz is your processor speed and RAM is your Random Access Memory. RAM is the memory that is temporary, this is just when the computer is turned on.

The Hard Disc stores all the programs and operating system and is there whether the PC is on or off.

  scolley 20:38 17 Jun 2007

recap thanks would you say that the processor is good enough, to run 1024gb in two 512 mb side by side, ??

  daxian 22:33 17 Jun 2007

hi scolley......
it already is have 960 Mb showing, the rest is probably used for onboard graphics...your processor does not determine how much ram you can have ,that is down to how many slots are on the motherboard and if you have the manual for your pc it will tell you in there how big a memory your board will support.hope this helps Dave.

  scolley 23:07 17 Jun 2007

Dave sorry donthave the manual, but i know there are two slots for the memory to go in and i have two 512mb in at the om, just wondering if the 2.80GHz is big enough to take this as some times im geting a freeze,

  daxian 23:21 17 Jun 2007

hi again ...
it wont be the amount of memory causing a freeze,unless the memory is faulty...
most likely a program that is not working properly.
does it happen when you are using or doing something in particular ??? playing a game ?? on the internet ?....Dave

  scolley 23:40 17 Jun 2007

daxian/dave no not realy it just happens any time checked all the memory with mem test and all ok, i had a thread up about this last wk have had this prob now for a month, and still trying to find solution, have been told it could be the PSU,

Have also done a reg scan i got registry shower 2007, it can happen from starting up, and sometimes after an hour or more, if i go to ctrl Alt delete, all at once i can stop it that way and my pc carrys on, ?

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