Computer with 2 internal hard drives?

  wrg 09:56 28 Nov 2008

Is there such a thing as a computer with 2 internal hard drives, one of which will be used normally and on which could be used as the back up disk?


  rawprawn 10:03 28 Nov 2008

Yes, you can even add one yourself if you want to a desktop computer.

  MAJ 10:05 28 Nov 2008

Most computers have that, their users usually add the second hard drive themselves. It's rare that you would get a NEW computer with two hard drives, unless it's a higher-end PC, or it's one you have customised by the manufacturer during the ordering process.

You will see, a lot of times, a computer with two Partitions which look like two Physical hard drives, but really that's just one physical hard drive's space split in two, the second partition usually houses an image of the operating system for restore reasons.

  rawprawn 10:06 28 Nov 2008

For example click here

  wrg 10:09 28 Nov 2008

Thanks for your replies. Basically I am looking to replace my kids computer. It is quite old now so was looking for something like my title states. How would add another one and configure it to work as a backup drive. What I would want to back up is games, photos, music etc. I have looked at an external one but space is a premium & also one less thing for the kids to somehow break by accident when they were no where in the vicinity and cannot remember what happend

  rawprawn 10:20 28 Nov 2008

Check inside and make sure that there is room, there should be a spare caddy. then you need to buy a new HDD to suit IDE or Sata and configure it as slave.
Look at my second link.

  rustyboy 10:20 28 Nov 2008

If you open up the side panel of your PC you'll see your hard drive in its bay. They are usually located at the front underneath the bay that holds your dvd/cd drives.
It will have two connections one which is the power supply and the other which is the information transfer connection. To add an additional drive just fix it into another spare bay. (most PC's have several spare bays) and connect the wires to it. New HDD's normally come with the appropriate connections and you'll normally find spare power leads inside the machine already. Then when you turn on your PC windows should automatically recognise it as a new drive and allocate it a new drive letter. I.E.
your first HDD is usually 'C' then if you have a DVD drive that will be 'D' then the new drive you've added will be given the letter 'E' etc etc.
Thats all there is to it.

  wrg 10:32 28 Nov 2008

Thanks everyone, if I buy a new HDD do I need to put the o/s on it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:38 28 Nov 2008

if I buy a new HDD do I need to put the o/s on it?

not if you are using just it store data / backups

I have two drive and several partions
1st drive has 3 partitions windows on 1st recovery on second and backup software on third.
2nd drive is where I load all my programs and store my data.
Also use an external drive to backup all the data I can't afford to lose if drive fails.

  wrg 10:41 28 Nov 2008

Fruit Bat

If you o/s is on the 1st and programmes/data on the second does that not make the computer a bit slower?

  ventanas 10:47 28 Nov 2008

"If you o/s is on the 1st and programmes/data on the second does that not make the computer a bit slower?"
Not at all, it's the best way to do it - takes the pressure of the system drive. I would though put the programs on the same drive as the os.
Adding a second hard drive is one of the easiest jobs you can do with a PC, and as you're getting a new one it will probably have SATA drives, which get rid of the need for setting whether it's master or slave as in IDE drives.
It's simply a matter of opening up the case, identifying the caddy it will fit in, connecting the cable to the motherboard (this will be obvious just look for where the existing cable goes), and also connecting to the drive. The sort one of the spare power leads and connect that to the drive - done.
Don't forget to buy a cable as well as the drive.

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