Computeach - whats the idea?

  OwenLotts 15:54 03 Oct 2004

Further to this thread click here I've just been watching a promo DVD for Computeach. Looks and sounds good but there must be something they are not telling me like the likely cost of one of these courses. I understand they might not want to include prices as they might go up each year but a single A4 price list would do.

Has anyone used them?

How much did it cost?

Do you do most of the training at home and then just go to the Dudley site for a days or couple of days for the exams? Or do i need to go more often than that?

I understand you need to "speculate to accumulate" but its no good if you have little cash to start with. I'm afraid of committing to something i can't afford to do.

Any experience?

  OwenLotts 16:00 03 Oct 2004
  joberons 16:08 03 Oct 2004

My partner signed up for a very expensive Computeach course. The studying materials were complete rubbish., the foundation part was fine.., but completely without any explanations the next section expected someone to know how to programme. It also turned out that the course my partner had signed up for on assurances that it was very relevant to today's IT market., actually wasn't. It was a starting point, but u needed more up to date languages/skills in order to find employment.

Complete waste of money. Don't begin to consider signing up for anything like this. Their support was abysmal and u have no hope of getting your money back.

  spuds 16:23 03 Oct 2004

There are better and more cost effective courses available, some with grant aid funding. Consult your local library, jobcentre or college/education department for more information.

  Salinger 16:26 03 Oct 2004

It will cost you thousands of pounds.

  kakasnarta 16:31 03 Oct 2004

Computeach and some of the various clones sound ok.....and if you have plenty of money.(and you will need plenty)they might be the right solution for you.
I inquired about courses from computeach just to learn a little more about computers,not for the sole purpose of future jobs in IT etc.
The rep was very good,and tried his upmost to sell me a mcse course which was way more than i required cost of course nearly £3000 ,when i mentioned about an A+ course more to my liking ...he didnt want to know came up with all sorts of excuses ,when he saw i was losing intereast he was out the door,,,didnt want to know...its all about sales and money.
Another company i tried did want to sell me A+ but only with N+ cost of this course £2000 ,all very good untill you say let me think about it...then same old story we need you to say today tomorrows to late wont be in area etc etc,another quick exit when he knew he wasnt going to get a signature. once again they only want your money.
The best solution i found was good old night courses at your local as chips hands on courses that will lead you to A+ certification or higher.

  joberons 16:44 03 Oct 2004

Yes, Computeach are expensive and as u will see from my comments above.., they are not the best. The course my partner signed up for cost £2,200 (with discounts and tax relief) and was just money down the drain.

An A+ course would be much more useful and a lot cheaper.., u can even download the study materials for free from certain sources to give it a try out if u want to. However, also investigate whether u will be able to get employment in the IT sector with the certificates but no experience (this can be a problem) before investing your time and money in something. Colleges now even run MSCE courses so that could be another route .., and a lot cheaper than paying some private college with no guarantee's they are any good. Remember, that on top of the cost of the actual course, if u go this route, u are also having to cover the salesperson's commission so it will never be the cheapest route.

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