Compter not powering on, motherboard problem

  Nfar 10:26 07 Apr 2018

Ive always had a problem turning my computer on so usually i never turn it off, just put it to sleep. The mains was switched off for a while for some house work. Now my comp just wont turn on. I got the green light at the back and orange light on the mother board. I know its not the power supply as i can hear it doing something when i plug it in but fans not on. Ive also bought a new on/off button but this didnt help either. Please can someone help out? Thanks

  wee eddie 11:21 07 Apr 2018

A failing Power Supply, is one of the most frequent causes of computer problems, is easy to cure and fairly cheap as well.

Your description of the problem leads me to suspect that this is the problem.

When you replace a Power Supply, remember that, even after the old one has been disconnected for several hours. Its capacitors can still deliver a considerable shock

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:28 07 Apr 2018

Is PSU fan running and notCPU fan?

Unplug the HDD and see if it boots to an error message.

The fact it was aslep when you turned of the mains may have corrupted the hard drive, and its not completing boot.

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