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  prince ua 15:37 31 Dec 2004

i have a family movie which i want to burn on to a DVD. i was told to make an image file of it which i have has create 3 files, 1 MDS format 1 MDF format & 1 MD0 format. but when i burn it says insert a larger capacity disc. but i have read somewhere that u can compress it first and then burn it on the DVD and it will play in a DVD player.if anyone knows how to do this can you please respond.

thanx in advance

  ACOLYTE 15:46 31 Dec 2004

Here's how:
Leave the .mds-file alone - You don't need it.
Rename the other files, for instance:

File.mds - 8kB
File.mdf - 3,99 GB
File.md0 - 69,9 MB


File.mds - 8kB
File.iso.001 - 3,99 GB
File.iso.002 - 69,9 MB

Of course, the .mdf is the first - and main - file, so it should be named 001.
Open you burning software and select ISO then open,
select you 2 iso files and choose iso 1 then hold shift and choose iso 2 click burn.

Im not 100% sure this will work as i have always made from Video_TS files but it might.
Others may know better,so wait and see.

  prince ua 16:16 01 Jan 2005

i dont understand you

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