Compressing/condensing uploads

  ella33 00:12 08 May 2010

I am completely new to the world of digital photography and wish to share my pictures and videos, however they are taking hours to upload and some people find they can't download them. I am told that condensing or compressing is an easy answer. However, I have asked Google but there are more solutions than cold cures and I don't really know where to start. I have tried loading videos to photobucket and You Tube but this takes hours. I can upload photos to photobucket but I believe it would be easier to send them condensed. Any ideas videos and photos please?

  mooly 07:34 08 May 2010

I'm no expert on photography etc and there will be far more complete answers than this, but yes you need to compress.

First thing to remember... don't alter or compress the original pictures "on the memory card" if you intend keeping them or using them for making high quality prints from. If you do the original quality is lost and the camera also won't recognise the picture anymore.
Move the picture/s across to your PC (drag and drop or right click and "send to"). You then have a picture to play around with leaving the original intact. If you want to archive and keep pictures AND compress as well to email, then when you have moved them to your PC simply make a copy that you can then edit etc.

Compressing pictures... if you hover your cursor over a picture or open it it will say somewhere the file size eg 3.5mb. That's to big for normal email, you want around 80 to 200kb for each picture. That keeps reasonable detail.

If you have "Paint" installed on your PC... which come as standard with Windows Vista (I'm guessing same with W7 too) then right click a picture, move to "open with" and paint should appear. A big image of the picture will open.
Select "image" from the toolbar on the top, and there is an option to "resize" in percent. Chnage horizontal and vertical to (say) 30% and save the picture... a bit of guesswork and hopefully it's at a more manageable size, just nicely fitting your screen. If it's way to small or still to big just use "edit" on the top toolbar and "undo" and try a different percentage.

As mentioned there are dedicated programs to all of this, paint is basic, but works well.
As for videos...think you will need 3rd party software for that.

  ella33 08:56 08 May 2010

Will try that, thanks, although I think that resizing and compressing may be different!

From a conversation on the phone last night, someone compresses at work, she says it is very quick and simple but could not explain to me how she did it. So I wonder if downloading a tool is necessary.

I have tried google but there are so many different answers that are not clear to follow.
Eventually, I uploaded this last night and left it uploading overnight! I am told it can be done quite quickly. click here

It is in serious need of editing, especially at the beginning, I know but it has cuteness potential and I have things like that to share with friends, so I could do with it not taking all night!!

  ella33 09:08 08 May 2010

Oh also thanks for the advice not to use the original, that is very important...I would probably have made that mistake!

  mooly 11:52 08 May 2010

I live opposite a duck pond... get them in the garden lol

Yes, for still photographs... resizing in "paint" as mentioned above reduces the file size... I use it all the time for emailing piccys and posting piccys on the web. Takes seconds to use. You can still make the compressed picture as big phsically as the original, but the detail will be lost and it will appear "blocky" and pixellated.

If you run (just wait for the page to load and click begin test... only takes a minute to do) it will show your download AND upload speeds and tells you how long it takes to upload or download a given file size as examples.
click here

The upload results are hidden away in the main results (from memory) with a box to click to display them.

Good luck with it all... as I say I'm no expert on piccys but paint works great for stills.

  ella33 12:02 08 May 2010

Thanks for the link. Will try that but have to rush somewhere just now, so will feedback later. Thanks again :-)

  ella33 19:52 08 Jun 2010

I put the question on Helproom, so there has been tons of advice, I didn't realise it was still here.
I think my problem was trying to do too much with a dongle, so I lost my internet connection. The compression advice has all been good though!!

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