Compressing personal photos/videos

  ella33 11:57 08 May 2010

I have already asked this in Beginners but hope it is ok to post it here as well. I have had an answer but it seemed to resize photos rather than compress.

I am new to digital photography and wish to share my photos and videos. However they are taking hours to upload to photobucket or You Tube. I am told that condensing or compressing is an easy answer. I have tried Google but there are more solutions than cold cures and I don't really know where to start. I can upload photos easily to photobucket but I believe it would be easier to email them to people condensed. Any ideas of how to do this ? videos and photos please. Or what product do I need to download/purchase?

  Jameslayer 12:33 08 May 2010

click here

Its got a link on zipping files also several links to zip people. Its a microsoft guide. You should only have 1 threwad though.

  muddypaws 13:35 08 May 2010

Have you tried Picasa?
click here

You can create a free web album account from there.
I have over a hundred albums there and uploading is pretty quick.
I have to say though that PB displays videos in higher quality.

  muddypaws 13:47 08 May 2010

Just done a upload test and 14 x 3.5 mbs photos took 3.75 minutes. Could be your line upload speed is slowing things down.

There is also this which I use sometimes. It works automatically.
click here

  ella33 22:27 08 May 2010

Thanks for the suggestions, I will try those and get back to you. I do think that several hours is rather long for a ten min video upload, so there must be a solution somewhere. I wonder if using a dongle internet browser is part of the problem.

  woodchip 22:45 08 May 2010

If you are sending by BB you need as, as been said resize them. Even Video can be made to run with smaller screen

  ella33 08:14 09 May 2010

Ah, thank you. I do need to practise this. It is also because the people receiving photos in emails have problems if they are too big. The handy answer seemed to be You Tube as everyone can receive it, unlike photobucket which I found some people cannot open. But it took hours to upload a video, in fact I left it overnight in the end. So I must find time to try out these ideas, which I should be able to do today.

  furrina 11:30 09 May 2010

Rather than compressing, upload to Flickr. That can go on as a background task using their uploader and you can then just send links in emails.

  ella33 14:49 09 May 2010

Thanks, I have tried photobucket for slideshows, and photos but not eveyone can open the link for some reason. I did upload 1x 3MB that is a 5min video to photobucket, two days ago and it took three hours to upload. I also loaded a 5MB also a 10min video to You Tube and everyone can open the link in their email, so that is a good media. The only problem is that it took all night to upload, well I just left it in the end and it had uploaded by 6am, so I don't know exactly how long it took.

It only takes a few mins to upload video clips from my camera to media player on my PC, so the problem is uploading to the net. I will try the suggestions with some more videos soon, as I will be uploading videos which I have taken today.

I will try flickr for sending photos as the link may be more reliable than photobucket but I gathered there are easy condensing methods!! I will report back on the links peple here have kindly sent me later. Thanks

  woodchip 15:04 09 May 2010

This what you want to use click here

  woodchip 15:04 09 May 2010

Its a free Hosting Site

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