Compressing Music??!!

  Nibblerman 13:31 29 Aug 2008

Hi everyone does anyone have any idea how i can compress lots of music tracks (45+) and burn them onto disc the reason i am saying this is my wife has one thats just a "CD" NOT DVD & the CD has 500+ songs on it at the same quality you got on the original disc so there is NO loss of quality...?
Your hlep would be greatly appreciated..

  jimmybond 13:48 29 Aug 2008

If your wife has 500 songs on a CD they will NOT be at the same quality as the 'original' source CDs. Compression = loss of quality. You can't 'squash' something without losing quality at the same time, whether it's jpegs or mp3's

The lower the bitrate at which you convert a CD to mp3 format, the lower the quality will be, but at the same time, you'll get more tracks on a CD.

Not that the current 'ipod generation' give a monkeys about being everything nowadays....but most people I think rip CD's at 128 Kbps.

I think to get near to CD quality though you'd need at least 192kbps. 500 songs on a CD sounds like around 64kbps to me!!

  eedcam 13:51 29 Aug 2008

I think you mean you cannot hear any difference in quality there will be a difference.

  jimmybond 13:54 29 Aug 2008

well you can certainly hear the difference between a CD and 128kbps mp3.
Maybe not if you're a goggle eyed raving ipod fanatic though ;-)

  Nibblerman 14:08 29 Aug 2008

Thankx for your replies guys, ive not noticed any differance in the quality to be is there any software that can do this or any suggestions please..??

  woodchip 14:20 29 Aug 2008

Best way it to convert to MP3. But you do need the MP3 Player after to play them back

  jimmybond 14:32 29 Aug 2008

Windows Media Player can convert CD's to mp3 format for you.

  eedcam 19:18 29 Aug 2008

I meant the OP couldn'nt hear the difference I wouldnt touch mp3 with a bargepole 'Cept for sending a clip with emails.

  AL47 19:46 29 Aug 2008

my preference is mp3 @ 320kbps cbr or bout 220vbr, unnoticeable quality loss

lossless, ie cd, is a waste of space unless youve got ridiculous amount

  tullie 21:39 29 Aug 2008

Is it possible to put 500 songs on a cd?

  AL47 00:54 30 Aug 2008

that would be unbearable quality to me!

at 192, the very lowest, could get a max of 200 really short songs,

so 500 say at a short 3 mins would need give a quality of ~ 60 kbps! that would sound terrible!

and thats assuming each song is 3 ins!

so you arent gonna get 500 songs per cd! i get about 60-70 songs per mp3 cd

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