Compressing large mp3's

  Frosty120 20:54 28 Jun 2006

Hi, I've used audacity to make some mp3's of speakers from a conference, they run for about 30minutes and are roughly 30meg in size, I need to compress them so that the bandwidth on the website they are for doesn't run out! Any ideas how I can make the files smaller? They are speech recording's not music ones if this gives any new possiblities?
By the way, the files where actually given to me as mp3's recorded by a HiMD player, and these mp3's where only about 3meg (so I know I can make it smaller). The reason why I had to change them in audacity is because they where very quiet, so I used audacity to make them louder.
Any ideas?

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  Wak 21:00 28 Jun 2006

I think if you download the Cheetah Audio Converter from click here you will be able to reduce the bit rate and make the files smaller pro rata.

  De Marcus™ 21:02 28 Jun 2006

reduce the bitrate.

  Frosty120 23:31 28 Jun 2006

ok, dropped the bitrate to 32. Now the file is only 6meg although quality is obviously reduced. Why was the original file better quality and yet smaller than this one?
Thanks for your help so far.

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