compressed old files in backup

  man of steel11 15:15 28 Feb 2006

is it safe to clean up these files in backup?...and thx for all your help in other postings..m.o.s

  Jackcoms 15:49 28 Feb 2006

Not sure what you mean - "clean up"??

  man of steel11 16:03 28 Feb 2006

is it safe to delete them?

  Jackcoms 16:07 28 Feb 2006

It's perfectly SAFE to delete. But you're asking the wrong question.

You should be asking yourself if you know which files have been compressed and whether or not you need those files.

  man of steel11 16:08 28 Feb 2006

sorry..i'm trying to clean up my hard drive ..i have a backup and it has old compressed files in it..i was wondering if it was safe to run a disk clean up of these files?

  man of steel11 16:09 28 Feb 2006

thx there a way to find these files?

  Jackcoms 16:14 28 Feb 2006

Can you go into the back up file and take a look at what is on there?

  man of steel11 16:21 28 Feb 2006

thx jackcoms...found out i had a load of drivers job you told me to check..thx again

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