Compressed files

  jamiedude 10:48 15 Oct 2004

Is it possible to compress a file size of 2.3mb to fit onto a floppy,

  Peter 10:55 15 Oct 2004


It depends on the type of file you want to compress. Some will compress down to about 10% of its original size, some to half of its original size and some not at all.

Remember it is possible to format a double side high density 3½" floppy disk to about 1.72 Meg.


  VoG II 10:55 15 Oct 2004

Depends on the type of file - for example a jpg is already compressed so it won't compress much further.

Try WinZip click here

  Peter 23:34 15 Oct 2004

Not meaning to be petulant, but I would have expected a response from jamiedude by now don't you think VoG™.


  VoG II 23:38 15 Oct 2004

Nope - post and go. All too common. regrettably.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 23:49 15 Oct 2004

winrar will allow you to to compress over several disks its free to try

p.s if you resolve your problem if you could tick resolved and let people know what worked it is greatly appreciated

  castiel333 23:59 15 Oct 2004

Hi just wanted to say that having spent a lot of time on this site since I joined a couple of weeks ago i've also noticed that many people who post problems dont bother to respond to the people who have helped them.this really annoys me if those same people were being helped face to face they would never show such a lack of decent manners so come on everyone if you're given help it costs nothing to say thank you

  Pesala 08:13 16 Oct 2004

click here for Home Page of freeware 7-zip program.

  jamiedude 13:17 16 Oct 2004

May I take this opportunity to apologise to you and the others for not responding sooner,I do respond,but it can sometimes be the next day due to my work.
I would like to thank you for your suggestions and I will try them out and will let you know how I get on.

  Peter 16:24 16 Oct 2004


That's okay; it's nice to know that we can be of some help and it is useful for others to know which solutions have helped to solve problems.


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