Compress or back-up and delete?.......

  nick_j007 19:27 15 Dec 2003

Hello all,

I have 4.69 gig's worth of jpeg files on my PC, and have only 12% hard drive memory left. I use a 30 gig Dell Inspiron running XP Home.
The only thing really going onto my PC nowadays is new Jpegs.
I am now fully backed up to date and am considering where to go from here.

Would you advise me to compress these files and leave them on the PC (I'm often looking back you see), or simply delete them now and rely on my CD-R copies?

What might 4.69G compress down to please?

Many thanks in anticipation.........

Nick Jones

  Pesala 20:47 15 Dec 2003

JPEG images are already highly compressed. Zipping them will reduce them to about 4.59 Gigbytes.

That is a lot of photos. If you're serious about photos you should be saving them in TIFF format instead of JEPG, as JPEG images degrade with high compression or repeated editing and recompression. The same number of files as TIFF images will need about ten times more space, but may reduce a little with archiving.

CD-R disks are cheap, but not infallible. CD-RW disks are less cheap, and even less infallible. If you intend to edit frequently, use CD-RW, but keep two copies of each. If you don't need to edit them much, save on CD-R.

You might consider an external USB hard drive instead for faster transfer and easier editing, but you are still going to need CD-R for backup of that drive.

  nick_j007 21:59 15 Dec 2003

I did write a fairly long reply and then managed to delete...made my night that did!

All points noted and accepted. 18 months on a 2 MP cam. and two months on a 5 MP cam has built them up eh?!

Will deleting them speed the PC up?

Might invest in a second HD that goes in this laptop floppy drive?

Nick Jones

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